Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 988 - A one-sided fight

Chapter 988: A one-sided fight

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There were a total of a dozen people who couldn’t fight back at all. Throughout the entire process, it was a one-sided fight where they became sandbags.

Everyone in the filming location watched with dumbfounded expressions…

No one imagined that a cute and adorable little girl could be so frightening and vicious and could make the hairs on their arms stand on end…

This was basically going beyond common sense!

At that moment, Zhang Wei’s two wrists were being stepped on to pieces…

He was being tortured alive…

Gong Xu shuddered as he held onto Luo Chen. Mommy, I’m scared!

He could only watch as the little loli continued smiling and approached Zhang Wei. “Didn’t I already tell you? Master told me to come because I’m the most amazing!”

Zhang Wei had originally been fiercely putting up a fight, but now, only fear remained and he was writhing around in pain on the floor.

The little loli’s shadow loomed over Zhang Wei’s face. “This isn’t right. There’s never been a survivor amongst those I’ve defeated~”


A murderous intent flickered through her eyes, which convinced Zhang Wei she was telling the truth!

What’s going on here?!

How could such a monster appear in Imperial City?!

“Don’t… Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me… Please, I’m begging you… It’s my fault… I really know it’s all my fault… I’ll even kneel down…” Zhang Wei’s entire body was shivering weakly on the floor.

A nasty smell appeared. He was actually scared to the point of pissing his pants.

Under such murderous pressure, even though he did practice martial arts, he couldn’t counter at all.

But he was fairly capable in sensing that the situation was abnormal. He could still tell that the other party wasn’t average.

Zhang Wei knew Ye Bai was sly and thus, wouldn’t come personally and would likely bring a lot of people over. Never had he imagined that this would be the result.

But even if he knew now, it was already too late.

Zhang Wei wasn’t the only one anxious; Ye Mu Fan and the others were the same. If someone died, their production team wouldn’t be able to get away scot-free.

They wanted to stop her, but the little loli was simply too terrifying and no one dared to step forward.

As for Zhang Wei’s lackeys, they had already fled early on…

“Little girl, it’s fine! Teaching him a lesson like this is enough!” Ye Mu Fan hurriedly tried to persuade her, but the little loli was completely immersed in her own little world.

“Hm… Master said not to kill anyone… So… Let’s see… How to leave you half alive…”

Zhang Wei couldn’t take it anymore and tried to get up and run away. The little loli let out a cute laugh and caught up in a flash as the sharp claws on her fingertips targeted Zhang Wei’s vital points…

It’s all over! Ye Mu Fan appeared alarmed…

Everyone watching went pale with fear when suddenly, a shadow slipped between the little loli and Zhang Wei.

“BANG–” The little loli’s hand was stopped by a palm before she could even touch Zhang Wei.

Ye Wanwan’s voice came from behind. “That’s enough, Jiaojiao!”

“Oh! Master, you came!” Once the little loli saw Ye Wanwan, her eyes glittered and she reverted back to her previous innocent appearance.

Ye Wanwan went silent. Luckily, she kept worrying and came…

Didn’t I specifically order her not to kill anyone and only settle the situation?

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