Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 986 - If you have the capability, then beat him to death

Chapter 986: If you have the capability, then beat him to death

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A man with a flower tattoo on his arm laughed loudly. “Hey little girl, I’m asking because you’re dressed like this, but are you actually a housemaid for Ye Bai?”

Jiaojiao proudly nodded. “That’s right!”

“Hahahahahaha… Damn! It’s actually true!” Zhang Wei and his lackeys laughed even harder.

Zhang Wei and his lackeys weren’t the only ones dumbfounded; so were Ye Mu Fan and the others.

This… This girl is actually Ye Bai’s housemaid?

“How could Ye-ge send you over to help?!” Gong Xu couldn’t help but tug on her sleeve.

The little loli’s expression appeared even more proud. “That’s because I’m the most amazing, so Master chose me!”

Gong Xu: “…”

Ye Mu Fan had a headache and he kept rubbing his temples. He just called Ye Wanwan again and it didn’t go through so he couldn’t figure out what exactly was happening.

Could it be that the helper Wanwan sent encountered an accident on the road? And what was up with this little girl?

Ye Mu Fan didn’t have time to think about it anymore and instead, he tried to calm things down. “Zhang-ge, let’s not beat around the bush. What exactly do you want here?”

Zhang Wei laughed. “Haha, weren’t you all still acting cocky just now? Didn’t you say you were going to get someone to fight me? What, are you terrified now? You want to barter with me? If you want to discuss matters with me, fine. First have Gong Xu kneel down then kowtow to me three times and call me grandpa!”

Gong Xu grinded his teeth. “F**k! Call you grandpa? More like I’m your grandpa! Come at me! If you have the ability, come fight me!”

Jiaojiao nodded seriously at that. “That’s right, if you have the ability then go hit him!”

Gong Xu: “…”

Please, I was simply taunting a bit. You don’t need to be so serious, I don’t really want to be hit…

At that moment, Zhang Wei lost his last shred of patience and his eyes frosted over. “Hmph, you damn brat. I can tell you’re all trying to fool me! This old man will do what you want then! Beat them up! Viciously beat them up! Don’t let a single one go!”

“Yes, boss!”

After receiving orders, a dozen of tall and bulky men began to surround them.

Their security guards had already fallen in defeat early on. The remaining people were made up of Dong Zai and several other employees.

The director was grasping the broken equipment, and his eyes were reddening from heartbreak.

Their surroundings were a complete mess and everyone was scared.

Originally, they thought Ye Bai would bring a helper over but who knew that this kind of misunderstanding would occur.

Zhang Wei smiled evilly as he walked step by step towards Gong Xu. “Ha, you damn brat, didn’t you say you would bear all the responsibility alone? If you have the capability then don’t dodge this!”

Zhang Wei frequently practiced Sanshou and all the muscles and nerves in his body were bulging. He was 190 centimeters tall and when he stood up, he was like a mountain.

Before Gong Xu could reply, Jiaojiao harrumphed. “Big Guy, if you have the capability then beat him to death!”

Master said she couldn’t let anyone die. The main objective was to protect this blonde-haired person, so she would definitely listen to her master’s orders. She needed to hold back but if the other party did anything to Gong Xu, she would strike back.

Jiaojiao then turned to Gong Xu and said, “You can relax. I will protect you!”

Gong Xu was about to cry. Is she here to protect me or here to ruin me?

“Come one, hit him!”

“Older sister, I’ll call you older sister, okay? Just don’t speak anymore…”

“Damn brat! If you don’t want to die then get lost! You think this old man is playing house with you?!” Zhang Wei directed his fist towards Gong Xu’s face.

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