Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 971 - The great devil that was kicked into the cold palace

Chapter 971: The great devil that was kicked into the cold palace

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Ye Wanwan, who had finished saying “good morning,” suddenly felt dumbstruck.

Because the adult and child pair were both staring intently at her.

It was evident Tangtang was definitely a baby but her nickname for Si Ye Han was also “baby”…

Ye Wanwan first looked at the little milk bun who had woken up.

Oh, baby is so cute! I really can’t resist!

Ye Wanwan then glanced at Si Ye Han…

Goddamn… A beauty who just woke up is simply too deadly!

The main point here was that the pair both seemed to care about who just referred to…

It’s just a name; do they have to be like this?

Why are they so similar even when it comes to a matter like this?

After a battle ended inside her mind, Ye Wanwan decided to look at the cute little milk bun and gently tousled the little fella’s hair. She said, “Baby, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

The little fella instantly brightened up like a sunflower. His eyes filled with happiness.

The little fella nuzzled his head against Ye Wanwan’s hand then nodded. “Yes. Tangtang slept really well. Mommy, good morning!”

Si Ye Han, who watched Ye Wanwan choose the little milk bun without hesitation, was speechless. “…”

Right now, his greatest happiness was that this child wasn’t theirs.

Yesterday, his thoughts about creating a family of three were currently being reassessed…

“Baby, do you need Mommy to help you dress?” Ye Wanwan warmly asked.

The little fella seemed to want to reject her offer and say he could dress himself, but after thinking about it, he nodded.

Ye Wanwan: “Oh right, today you can wear the new clothes Mommy bought for you!”

The little fella obediently agreed. “Okay!”

Ye Wanwan had bought countless new clothes for Tangtang. There were even several parent-child matching sets so she excitedly took one of them out.

The smaller version was jeans paired with a white t-shirt. On the t-shirt was a cute pink cartoon pig.

“Quickly come over, Mommy will help you put it on!”

The little fella looked at the matching female version. “Is Mommy also going to wear it with me?”

Ye Wanwan laughed. “Of course Mommy will also wear it!”

The little fella revealed a small smile and cute dimples also appeared on his flushed cheeks.

Waking up early in the morning and the mother-son duo painted a warm and lovely picture…

As for the completely forgotten Si Ye Han…

He had pretty much witnessed what would happen in the future if they were to have children…

“Okay! First, go wash up then we’ll have breakfast downstairs!’ Ye Wanwan helped the little fella put on his clothes.

The little fella felt uneasy the day before, but now, he had completely recovered. His expression was filled with joy as he went to wash up before heading downstairs.

After Tangtang left, Ye Wanwan lightly coughed and looked at Si Ye Han. “*Cough*… Ah-Jiu…”

She didn’t need to guess to know what Si Ye Han’s expression looked like right now.

As the King of Jealousy in East Asia, Si Ye Han could even be jealous of a tiger, much less a live person.

But because the target was his own “son,” so he resisted…

Si Ye Han, who had been banished into the cold palace 1 , was now sitting on the bed, calmly observing her. “Is something the matter?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when she saw the great devil’s tsundere expression.

Ye Wanwan sighed then went over to him and leaned in to tenderly kiss him on the lips. She then softly whispered, “Hubby, good morning!”

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