Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 970 - Baby, Good Morning!

Chapter 970: Baby, Good Morning!

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[Nameless Nie: Uh, Tangtang believed you?]

[Ye Wanwan: Of course! You think he’s as stupid as you?]

[Nameless Nie: Famous Ye, you’re really too reliable! You’re so much more reliable than my sister who ran away from home and that brother-in-law who doesn’t even know he has a son!]

Ye Wanwan was speechless: “…”

Let’s not talk about anyone else, okay? Your whole family isn’t reliable!

After finishing up on Weixin, Ye Wanwan decidedly changed Nameless Nie’s nickname to [Nie Hollow Pit].


Inside an underground bar in a town in Northern Europe.

Nameless Nie was looking at Tangtang’s photo. After seeing that the little fella had adjusted well, he could finally let out a breath of relief. It was mainly because he received another life-saving pass.

Nameless Nie immediately emailed the photo over to his father.

After he sent the photo, his phone began to ring.

His family personally added him on WeChat!

Nameless Nie was so scared that his hand trembled. He quickly clicked accept.

After his WeChat account was blocked, he hadn’t been re-added but now, the empress dowager herself added him back!

[Nameless Nie: Mom, did you see? Tangtang is doing well over there. He’s eating well and sleeping well. I told you the person I found was really reliable! That couple is really nice!]

Nameless Nie worked hard to type that out.

After what seemed to be forever, there was finally a reply.

[Do you have a picture of that girl?]

When Nameless Nie saw his mother’s reply, he was dumbfounded. She wants Ye Wanwan’s picture?

Nameless Nie thought about it and decided to ask. [Mom, what do you need Miss Ye’s photo for?]

Afterwards, Nameless Nie’s phone rang and it was his family’s empress dowager calling.

He couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed as he answered…

Nameless Nie carefully answered the call. “Hello, mom… what is it?”

“Don’t you feel like she really resembles our Worriless?” The person on the phone spoke in a haggard tone.

Nameless Nie felt speechless but replied, “This… There’s a small resemblance. When I saw her for the first time, I couldn’t help looking at her a few more times but if I’m honest, aside from being prettier than our Worriless, she’s not like her at all.”

“Furthermore, mom, I investigated this already. She’s the second miss of the Ye family in Imperial City. She has parents and an older brother. She even has a decent boyfriend so she can’t be Worriless…”

Naturally, he also hoped to find Worriless, but he couldn’t possibly just find a random person on the street who looked like his sister then pretend she was his sister…

The phone went silent then Madam Nie started to speak. “Help me thank her for taking care of Tangtang.”

Nameless Nie: “I will. Mom, don’t worry. Little Sis has always run around everywhere since she was young. She never gets the short end of the stick so she might just be having fun somewhere and when she’s had enough, she’ll come back…”

Madam Nie let out a sigh to cover her uneasiness. “Let’s hope that’s the case…”

China, Little Rose Garden.

The little fella slowly opened his eyes to find himself trapped inside a stiff embrace.

It wasn’t the same as his Mommy’s and was more spacious…

Perhaps it was because Si Ye Han sensed the movement in his arms that he soon woke up.

“You’re both awake!”

Ye Wanwan, who woke up earlier, happily said, “Baby, good morning!”

After Ye Wanwan finished saying good morning…

She suddenly sensed that the originally quiet atmosphere had begun to tense up.

The little boy and Si Ye Han, who had both just woken up, were both calmly staring at her…

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