Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 969 - The wind was too loud so I didn't hear anything

Chapter 969: The wind was too loud so I didn’t hear anything

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Si Ye Han’s expression didn’t change. It was as though he already expected this.

If Si Ming Li was working alone, he wouldn’t have the balls nor would he have the capability to gather forces overseas.

The person on the phone continued reporting, “The person who saved Wanwan didn’t come up as anything suspicious in our investigation. He should be the backup to Miss Wanwan’s mercenaries. Master, what should we do about Si Ming Li?”

The person on the phone awaited orders.

Si Ye Han went silent then finally said, “Help me investigate a person.”

After hanging up, Si Ye Han quietly stood beneath the night sky, his expression continuously changing.

Before he returned to China, the Si family’s internal department was a mess with endless disputes and in-fighting between branches.

But even with the Si family’s complicated branches, there was still the old madam and second elder Si Ming Rong to keep everything stabilized. They weren’t at the point where the Si family was about to fall into ruin.

In the shadows, there was definitely someone scheming and this person was very familiar with the Si family. That was why even though they never made an appearance themselves, they could use borrowed power to strike and cause the Si family’s internal department to fight amongst themselves. Then they could reap the rewards without doing anything…

This person’s aim definitely wasn’t to help Si Ming Li achieve power but rather to get benefits in the process then eventually, win over the entire Si family.

If Si Ye Han hadn’t come back in time to take charge, the Si family would’ve likely become nonexistent.

After he returned to the Si family, the entire Si family became an impregnable fortress that no one could even touch so they ended up using “Si family’s Future Mistress” as an excuse to stir up controversy…

This person must have a large connection to the Si family and it was even possible that they could be hiding in the Si family’s internal department…

The next morning.

When Ye Wanwan opened her eyes, she could see Tangtang beside her and Si Ye Han, who was on the far side of the bed.

This adult and child duo… It’s practically a feast for the eyes!

If she really had such a handsome husband and son, she would definitely wake up from laughing about her own dream!

Ye Wanwan was continuing to admire the beautiful scene when her phone began to ring.

[Nameless Nie: Famous Ye! is Tangtang doing alright over there? Begging for a picture!]

[Ye Wanwan: What did you say? The wind is too loud… I… didn’t… hear… anything…]

[Nameless Nie: “…”]

He clearly sent a text message. right?

Nameless Nie automatically sent a red pocket over.

Ye Wanwan happily opened the red pocket and realized her mood today wasn’t bad, so she took her phone and casually took a photo of Tangtang for Nameless Nie.

In the picture, the early morning sunlight was shining through the window onto Tangtang, who was sleeping blissfully in his furry cartoon pajamas. His little head was leaning into Si Ye Han’s arms and to the side, Ye Wanwan was taking a selfie with one hand while poking the little fella’s dimple with the other.

The photo was quickly sent over and Nameless Nie giggled as he saved it.

He really admired Ye Wanwan, who dared to poke the little devil’s face!

But after looking at the photo in more detail, Nameless Nie thought something was strange…

The person sleeping beside Tangtang doesn’t appear to be Ye Wanwan?

[Nameless Nie: Damn! Who’s the man beside Tangtang?]

Although Ye Wanwan hadn’t captured Si Ye Han’s face, Nameless Nie could naturally see that someone was sleeping beside Tangtang and from the body shape, he could tell it was a man.

[Ye Wanwan: Bullsh*t, who could it be besides Tangtang’s daddy?!]

[Nameless Nie: … huh? Tangtang’s daddy?]

Nameless Nie stared at his phone for a while before he finally replied back.

[Nameless Nie: Where did you find him? How much per day?]

[Ye Wanwan: How much your head—this is my man! He’s not an actor!]

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