Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 968 - It's one of a kind

Chapter 968: It’s one of a kind

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Not the same?

Of course they’re not the same! The one I told Si Ye Han before was something I blurted out to flirt with him!

Ye Wanwan suddenly coughed. “*Cough cough cough* The one I told Tangtang was the normal version… The one I told you was an amazing version because it was my own special creation… It’s one of a kind…”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Little Red Riding Hood eating the Big Bad Wolf was pretty special…

The little fella was like a furry animal when he moved a bit and snuggled right into Ye Wanwan’s arms. His little hand tightly clung onto her sleeve as he slept peacefully.

Ye Wanwan was stunned by his cuteness. “Ah! So adorable! Si Ye Han, look, isn’t he so cute and adorable?”

In order to make Si Ye Han accept Tangtang, Ye Wanwan directly entered frenetic advertising mode and carefully handed the little fella over to Si Ye Han.

After the little fella was shifted into a different position, he frowned but quickly went back to sleep.

Si Ye Han relaxed as he looked at the little fella in his arms.

It was hard to verbally explain the feelings that erupted from suddenly having this little boy beside him.

“So cute, so adorable! Ah, such an obedient and understanding child. When I saw this child before, I even thought that such a lovable little boy could only exist if we combined our genes… Say, how could his parents bear to abandon him?” Ye Wanwan sighed.

When Ye Wanwan said “such a lovable little boy could only exist if we combined our genes,” Si Ye Han observed the little fella beside him but made no indication of whether he agreed or not.

Si Ye Han: “Who came to you for help?”

Ye Wanwan’s social network wasn’t big and the few people she knew were incapable of this.

Ye Wanwan’s heart went sour. “An idiot! But I must be even more stupid because I actually agreed to help him! Didn’t I mention to you before how I found several temporary actors who could fight fairly well to act as soldiers saved by the Black Widow? I owed them a favor, so I reluctantly agreed to help!”

Si Ye Han’s expression turned ugly. This girl used to be afraid of everything. Merely seeing blood was enough to send her into shock, but now her guts were growing bigger than ever…

It all started to change during the incident when they were in country B; back then, her methods of handling and dealing with matters changed. Day after day, she was changing, and now, she even adopted a child…

Fortunately, he encountered even more astonishing events before and this was a seemingly small matter in comparison…

Ye Wanwan continued to speak. “Consider you being his daddy as… a bonus that I’m giving him. When his real parents come back, I’ll consider my work done and leave! But right now, *cough*, let’s view this as practice?”


Si Ye Han’s expression darkened slightly.

Late at night.

Ye Wanwan and the little fella were both sleeping. The two of them were letting out peaceful breaths on this quiet night.

Si Ye Han silently observed them as they blissfully slept. There was going to be a day when they had their own child…

At that moment, his cell phone vibrated.

Si Ye Han got up lightly and took his phone to the balcony.


“Master, Si Ming Li and his people escaped overseas. We had some people following them but once they reached Europe, we suddenly lost sight of them. Si Ming Li must have some other power backing him up…”

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