Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 972 - A complete family of three

Chapter 972: A complete family of three

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Her warm voice that whispered “hubby” beside his ear made Si Ye Han freeze.

In the next second, a broad hand pressed against the back of the girl’s head and he deepened their kiss…

The little fox Ye Wanwan let out a light laugh. “Now that we already have a baby, my pet name for you will also have to evolve. Are you happy with this new nickname?”

Si Ye Han’s reply was biting her lip, using his actions to answer her question.

Ye Wanwan suddenly thought of something and excitedly got up. “Ah, that’s right. The parent-child sets came in threes. There’s Tangtang’s, mine, and also yours! We can look like a family of three by wearing the set together!”

A family of three…

Si Ye Han: “…”

Ye Wanwan was pretty professional.

She clearly hated anything that was troublesome and she also didn’t like interacting with children. He never would’ve imagined that she could actually handle a child this well.

It was likely only a temporary new interest. The majority of the reason for her interest in the child was probably his good looks.

Ye Wanwan first turned around to change then handed Si Ye Han’s clothes to him.

Ye Wanwan was wearing overalls made with the same material as the jeans Tangtang was wearing. Inside the overalls, she was wearing the same t-shirt with the pink cartoon pig. She looked like a high-schooler.

“Ah-Jiu, quickly put it on too! A family needs to be complete and together!” Ye Wanwan excitedly pressured him.

Si Ye Han looked at the t-shirt in his hands with the pink cartoon pig. “…”

Evidently, a certain someone had never worn something so childish in his entire life…

Ye Wanwan: “Hubby? Hubby?”

Si Ye Han: “En…”

After some time:

Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han headed downstairs after they finished changing.

When the group of five who were in hiding saw the matching family of three, they were speechless. “…”

Black Widow, who was known to have countless male pets and Si Ye Han, who was the rumored demon family head who was disinterested in women, were actually wearing a childish parent-child matching set of clothing with their son…

This scene… if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes… was something they never could’ve imagined…

Naturally, there was someone who was even more shocked than the group of five.

Xu Yi, who had been worrying all night that something would happen to his master, hadn’t left the Little Rose Garden and had been awake and on call all night.

He finally managed to wait it out until daylight and as a result, he witnessed this miraculous picture…

This… What was this situation…

Ye Wanwan noticed Xu Yi, who was in the living room and said with surprise. “Huh? Housekeeper Xu, you’re still here?!”

Xu Yi: “…”

I was always here, okay?! Such a frightening situation happened last night! How could I have just left?!

Ye Wanwan saw Xu Yi’s expression and realized that things yesterday happened in a rush. She hadn’t explained things to him clearly, so she went over and whispered everything to him.

Xu Yi: “…!!!”


I worried all night, but the truth is that they’re just taking care of someone else’s child, pretending to be real parents?!

Even if he had a wild imagination, he never would’ve thought of this possibility!

He could only admit… defeat!

Running to claim a child—how could his master so easily accept this?

Xu Yi dumbfoundedly looked at his master.

He saw an adult and child duo wearing matching clothes, facing each other at the dinner table.

Si Ye Han was casually eating his breakfast as he gave the little fella a poached egg.

They seemed so… accustomed to everything…

So from beginning to end, the only one who was a mess was himself…

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