Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 97: Do you miss me?

Chapter 97: Do you miss me?

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Hearing that, Ye Wanwan shuddered as she finally realised what was different about Si Xia today. Usually, he would be lying on the desk asleep and wouldn't even look at her the whole day.

But today, he actually took the initiative to talk with her, and even offered to teach her math?

*cough* "No thanks, I don’t want to die a humiliating death! By the way… Where did you go today? Why'd you only come to last period? All the girls were going crazy from missing you!"

Most importantly, everyone blamed me for his absence!

Ye Wanwan thought out loud, "If Si Xia really didn’t come because of me, then I should just ask the teacher to change seats. I can't change my role in the play, but at the very least I want to try to change seats..."

"Really?" Si Xia asked softly.

"Yes!" Ye Wanwan nodded, then took the opportunity to ask, "You didn’t come today, was it because…"

Then, before Ye Wanwan could finish, Si Xia interrupted her and asked, "What about you?"

"Huh? What about me?" Ye Wanwan didn't understand what Si Xia was trying to get at.

Si Xia looked at her shyly and said, "Did you miss me?"

Ye Wanwan was completely dumbfounded: "..."


What game is he trying to play?!

Ye Wanwan's body was covered in goosebumps and as she stared back in shock, her whole face in terror, she asked, "You… Do you have a fever?"

"All right, everybody please stop! I'm going to take up the questions now. If you had any trouble with the questions, listen up and pay attention!"

Zhao Xing Zhou’s words cut through the strange atmosphere.

Ye Wanwan clutched her chest, her whole face frightened and uncertain while still thinking about those words that scared her half to death!

Is this guy just teasing me?

By the end of the class, the girls were glaring at her so hard she thought they would burn a hole in her body.

Although they couldn’t hear what Si Xia and she were talking about, they were fully aware that today Si Xia not only leaned on her shoulder but he even spoke to her for the first time. No matter the topic, it was enough to make people want to beat up and drown Ye Wanwan.

All the girls in school had a consensus that Si Xia belonged to all of them and nobody was allowed to fight for him. If this unspoken rule was broken, the offender would become a public enemy.

Even if a girl wanted to break the rule, she would only dare to confess her love to Si Xia secretly, lest she faces the wrath of the others.

If she was found out, she wouldn’t be able to come to school anymore.

On the surface, it looked like Ye Wanwan had actually dared to seduce Si Xia in front of everyone and thus attracted quite a lot of hatred.

Of course, the reality was that Si Xia had leaned against her accidentally and it was also Si Xia who initiated the conversation, but nobody cared about these facts--the person who was in the wrong was obviously Ye Wanwan!

Ye Wanwan initially thought that this would all be over after school. Who knew that Si Xia, who had missed rehearsals consecutively for so many days, would actually show up today?

At rehearsal, Ye Wanwan rehearsed distractedly with her brows furrowed. She began to have a strange ominous premonition...

Si Xia sat against the window and as usual, he was surrounded by a group of girls making a big fuss over him.

"Si Xia, that ugly freak is getting more and more out of hand--she even harrassed you in class!"

"Don’t worry Si Xia, we've already submitted a petition demanding to switch Ye Wanwan out. Miss Liang will definitely meet our demands!"

"Actually, you didn’t have to come today, Miss Liang will announce her decision tomorrow!"

"That’s right, why don’t you go back and have a good rest. You must be nauseous after that math class!"


While the girls bombarded Si Xia, the other students preceding him had finished rehearsing and it was now his turn.

The class monitor walked up to Si Xia and asked weakly, "Um… Si Xia, it’s your turn, do you… want to rehearse today?"

With everyone's attention, Si Xia slowly stood up from his seat and glanced at the stage, "Of course."

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