Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 96: I can teach you

Chapter 96: I can teach you

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As Si Xia took his seat, the girls jabbered away. Zhao Xing Zhou’s face suddenly became stern and said, "All right all right, calm down everybody. Why aren't you guys so excited to see me?"

"Teacher, you’re not handsome!" some girls retorted immediately.

"Hey, what did you just say? Please repeat yourself, loud and clear!" There was an obvious threat in Zhao Xing Zhou’s voice.

"Teacher, you’re the most handsome!" The girl shouted in fear.

"Very good! Continue with the questions then!"


After messing around for awhile, everybody continued with the questions, but it was very obvious that all the bewitched girls were not fully focused on their studies anymore.

After Si Xia sat down, he glanced through the practice questions once and did not bother with them any further. He laid his head down and started sleeping as usual.

Ye Wanwan was filled with jealousy--far from handing in blank exam papers like her, this chap knew how to do every question.

Compared to how she had to memorise sample answers and scoring well out of sheer luck on her last test, Si Xia always got perfect marks for math, aside from the times when he purposely skipped exams.

In her eyes, this kind of person was a total anomaly.

Certainly, there must be no normal human in the Si family!

Ye Wanwan was bitterly doing her work while cursing under her breath when she suddenly felt a weight on her shoulder and fresh clean scent wafted into her nose.

Ye Wanwan turned her head stiffly to look and realised that Si Xia had slumped over in his sleep and was now leaning on her shoulder!!!

At that moment, there was an uproar in class--the girls who had fixed their attention on Si Xia this whole time dropped their jaws. Cheng Xue’s glare was murderous.

"Damn damn damn! Si Xia actually… actually leaned against her shoulder!"

"Ye Wanwan, this slut!"

"Nobody stop me, I'm going to break that ugly freak’s claws!"


As Ye Wanwan faced the murderous stares from all the girls in the class, she hurriedly tried to reposition the sleeping beauty on her shoulder carefully.

Oh my god, save me!

How is this my fault? I'm a victim too, right?

But if she really said those words out loud, she might be beaten to death so she could only swallow her words down.

Thankfully, when she was halfway through moving him, Si Xia awoke.

That sleepy face and lazy eyes are simply… too dreamy!

After looking at Si Ye Han’s face for so many years, she thought she was already immune to his beauty yet she was still electrified by just a glance.

Although Si Xia really couldn't compare to Si Ye Han; they were entirely different species.

Si Ye Han was dangerous and mysterious, egotistical and arrogant while at the moment, Si Xia was the kind of king who could charm thousands of girls.

After Si Xia woke up, he rubbed his forehead lazily and glanced at Ye Wanwan’s question booklet, "This question…"

Ye Wanwan looked over, surprised, "What?"

"You got this question wrong, and this, this is wrong too…"

Watching Si Xia picking out numerous questions, Ye Wanwan’s brows twitched and she took a deep breath, "Just tell me which questions I got right!"

Si Xia’s fair and slender fingers pointed at two of the questions, "You got two multiple choice questions right."

"These two questions.... were wild guesses!"

Ye Wanwan was so sad that she wanted to bang her head on the desk.

I thought my math wasn't that bad!

"I can teach you," Si Xia smiled.

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