Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 95: So handsome he could turn me gay!

Chapter 95: So handsome he could turn me gay!

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"Who is it?" A boy in his undershirt and oversized boxers pulled open the door with a sleepy face.

After he saw that the person at the door was Si Xia, he was stunned for a moment, "Oh, Si Xia..."

Even though it was very common in the boys' dormitory for guys to drop by, standing in front of him was the dream boy of every girl in school and the common enemy of every boy. Furthermore, like the school's goddess, Cheng Xue, he was clearly not from a simple family; he was from a completely different world from nobodies like them. Besides, Si Xia always kept to himself; he didn't usually hang out with them, not to mention dropping by in the middle of the night.

So seeing him here at this late hour, the boy was inevitably surprised, "Do you need something?"

"I'm looking for Ling Dong," Si Xia replied.

"Oh, you're looking for Dong ge [1]. He just came back, it's just that..." The boy scratched his head, looking rather vexed, "You're here at a bad time, Dong ge isn't really in a good state right now..."

"Not in a good state?"

"Come in, you'll understand once you see it for yourself!" The boy sighed and opened the door.

Just as Si Xia stepped inside, a pungent smell of alcohol overwhelmed him.

After Si Xia entered, the boy quickly closed the door, afraid that the smell of alcohol would escape and expose them to the dorm inspector.

He saw that Ling Dong was sitting on the floor like a puddle of mud, seemingly completely drunk beyond his senses and mumbling Ye Wanwan's name.

"Wanwan... Wanwan... Why do you treat me like that... Why didn't I find out sooner..."

With just one look at his condition, anyone with a discerning eye would know immediately that he was heartbroken.

"What happened?" Si Xia glanced at the three boys in the dorm.

The three boys looked at one another. The boy who just opened the door stepped closer and said mysteriously, "Dong ge went to meet Ye Wanwan's boyfriend this evening! Ye Wanwan actually has a boyfriend! Can you believe it?"

"Really?" Si Xia's eyes glistened slightly.

"That's right! At first, we all thought that Ye Wanwan was lying about having a boyfriend in order to turn Dong ge off. She even said that her boyfriend was extremely good-looking, bragging non-stop! Who would believe her? But, who could've guessed that when Dong ge went, he actually got to meet the guy!"

"More than just meet--according to Dong ge, that man was so handsome he could shatter the skies, and compared to you, Si Xia, he was... " the boy sighed and stopped.

"Oh, better looking than me, right?" Si Xia spoke softly.

The boy rubbed his nose and answered awkwardly, "Anyway, that was what Dong ge said. We all suspected that he's drunk. Otherwise, how could he have said such nonsense!"

"How could there be any good looking and blind man in this world that would fall in love with Ye Wanwan?"

"Exactly, so what if Ye Wanwan has a boyfriend? Dong ge still has a chance to win her over right?"

While the boys were conversing, Ling Dong, who was drunk in the corner, waved his beer bottle and shouted in anger, "Damn it... Handsome... So handsome he could turn me gay... As if I could fight him..."

The three boys on the side: "..."

What the hell do you mean that he was so handsome he could turn you gay?!

Dong ge, calm down a little, Dong ge!

Si Xia glanced at Ling Dong and after a few moments, he walked over to him and squatted down. Then, he passed his phone to him, "Was it him you saw this evening?"

Ling Dong looked at Si Xia's phone in a daze. In the next second, his drunkard expression suddenly sobered up and he sat up quivering suddenly, "You... Why would you have a picture of Ye Wanwan's boyfriend?"

Hearing that, Si Xia closed both his eyes immediately and beneath his eyes was a significant darkness.

Si Ye Han...

It was really him...

That woman in Jin garden actually was Ye Wanwan, his classmate from the same school and class, right under his nose!

Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Ge in Chinese means elder brother and also a way of addressing someone of a higher authority. I wanted Ling Dong to keep that authoritative aura since he's the biggest bully in school so I left it in its original Chinese form.

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