Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 94: Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han?

Chapter 94: Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han?

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When he saw his egotistical and cold 9th uncle bending over to kiss Ye Wanwan's nightmarish face...

Si Xia trembled and an explosion resounded in his head.


What's going on here...

Ye Wanwan... And Si Ye Han?

These two were from completely different planets, different spaces and different levels, but at this moment, they actually appeared together. Not to mention in this kind of terrible relationship.

Could it be that the boyfriend Ye Wanwan keeps talking about is...

Si Xia steadied himself and looked under the streetlights again. He could only see that the man was turning away while Ye Wanwan walked in the direction of the girls' dormitory.

Si Xia stared at Ye Wanwan's back and stood in the dark for a long time.

Then his phone rang with a text message. He peeked at his phone and walked towards the boys' dormitory.

Just as he reached the first level of the dormitory, he saw Cheng Xue standing there.

Although it was already very late, Cheng Xue was still dressed neatly. She wore a beautiful dress without a single wrinkle. If you looked closely enough, you could see that she also had on exquisite, yet natural makeup.

"Why have you been outside?" Cheng Xue looked in the direction that Si Xia appeared from, as darkness flashed beneath her eyes.

It seemed like the news was right; some shameless girl was trying to seduce him in the middle of the night!

"Is anything the matter?" Si Xia's tone was much more pleasant when he spoke to Cheng Xue than when he spoke to that other girl earlier.

"Can't I just drop by? Lately, you've always been busy with that ugly freak Ye Wanwan, and there are always girls harassing you during the day. I don't have any chances to talk to you!" Cheng Xue was unhappy and grumbled with a bit of playfulness.

"If nothing's the matter then we'll talk tomorrow--I have something to do now." Si Xia spoke as he entered the dormitory staircase.

Cheng Xue was flustered by that, "It's so late already, what do you have to do? Was that Han Xiao Ru with you just now?"

"Yeah," Si Xia didn't deny it.

Cheng Xue clenched her fist tightly, "What did she want?"

Si Xia: "To give me chocolates."

Han Xiao Ru, that girl!

Cheng Xue gritted her teeth right after hearing that, but seeing that Si Xia was empty-handed, it was obvious that he didn't accept them and then she was happy once more, "The girls in this school are so annoying to harass you every day! She actually gave you chocolates but doesn't she know that you're allergic to cocoa powder?"

She then took out a bag and gave it to him, "This is your favourite almond cake--you can have it for breakfast tomorrow!"

"Thanks," Si Xia accepted the gift.

Seeing that Si Xia accepted her cake, Cheng Xue's gloomy mood immediately disappeared. She stared at that dazzling face and said shyly, "You don't have to be so polite with me. I can make it for you next time if you like it! Auntie Si said that my baking skills are getting better!"

I knew that he sees me differently from all those other girls!

Tsk, I can't believe all these wildflowers and weeds in school are actually trying to snatch my man!

"I won't keep you then, have an early night after you're done with your work!"

Knowing that he no longer had any business with Han Xiao Ru, Cheng Xue was relieved. With her crazily pounding heart, she ran off excitedly.

However, the girl didn't know that once she left, the polite, courteous expression of the boy immediately disappeared, revealing an indifferent expression that completely contrasted with the usual perfect image he had in front of her; it even had a hint of disgust and contempt.

The boy walked a few steps ahead leisurely and casually threw the delicately wrapped cake into the garbage can next to him.

After he entered, the boy didn't go to his own dorm. Instead, he went upstairs to see Ling Dong.

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