Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 93: My handsome boyfriend

Chapter 93: My handsome boyfriend

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Hearing what Xu Yi said, Ye Wanwan didn't probe any further but grumbled, "Luckily you arrived in time. Otherwise, I would've become someone else's girlfriend. Ling Dong and I made a bet; if he found out everything was a lie and my boyfriend didn't show up, I would agree to be his girlfriend..."

The chill beneath Si Ye Han's eyes had yet to spread before the girl continued in her victorious and chirpy voice, "Since you promised you'd come, I knew you'd definitely appear so I made a bet with him without thinking too much about it! Going by Ling Dong's reaction just now, he'll definitely give up this time. After all, my boyfriend is so handsome! You'd beat him in a beauty contest in a second even if you wore a sack!"

Listening to the girl gloating, the iciness beneath Si Ye Han's eyes immediately melted; it was obvious that Ye Wanwan's sucking up did the trick.

Xu Yi's face was covered with tears as he listened.

Even if he wore a sack? My lady, if you said so earlier, then people like us wouldn't have to go through such torture tonight!

He finally understood that ten thousand compliments from all of them couldn't compare to a single compliment of "handsome" from this girl.

The restaurant wasn't far from school and they arrived at their destination shortly after.

Ye Wanwan jumped off the man's back, "I'm here!"

The man turned and looked at the girl in front of him, his expression becoming cold again.

Ye Wanwan felt that his mood was really like the weather in March--overcast and unpredictable.

At the same time, in a little flowerbed not far from where Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han were, stood two students: a boy and a girl.

The girl looked sweet and cute, dressed in a short pink skirt and had a delicately wrapped paper box in her hand. She stood timidly in front of the boy, "Si... Si Xia... I... I like you... I made these chocolates myself... I hope you like them..."

The boy standing opposite was dressed in oversized pyjamas like he had come from his dorm just before bed. But this didn't seem to ruin his charm at all, but instead, it made him look even more casual and informal than usual, making the girl's heart flutter.

At that moment, the boy whose face could charm all the girls looked disinterested and unconcerned, with a flash of impatience and annoyance, "I don't have a sweet tooth."

The girl's face turned pale. She acted like she didn't mind and spoke pleadingly, "Right... Then I'll make something else next time..."

"And I don't like you."

After the boy was done talking, he turned and left immediately without a care for the girl.

Just as he was walking towards the dorm, the boy suddenly heard a familiar voice in the quiet air—— "I'm here!"

Si Xia paused and turned towards the direction of that voice subconsciously.

Ye Wanwan?

The boy furrowed his brows and hid in the shadows. He looked through the gaps between the branches and saw that under the nearby streetlights, Ye Wanwan was standing there talking to a man.

The man had his back to him and he could only see a faint figure, but with just one look, Si Xia's face changed.

Si Ye Han!

How could it be?

Si Xia's face was filled with fear and uncertainty. He continued watching and saw that Ye Wanwan went up on her tiptoes and lightly kissed the man on his cheek, "Goodnight!"

She then left while turning and waving to the man.

At that moment, the slender and cold figure turned and the man stretched his arms out to grab the girl who hadn't managed to go far. He brought her into his embrace with one move, bent his body and gave one last, passionate kiss...

As Si Xia looked at the man's face, he was dumbstruck and stood rooted to the ground...

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