Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 92: The master's secret

Chapter 92: The master's secret

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Crash--the shattering sound of glass resounded.

The cup in Ling Dong's hand crashed onto the floor. It was as if he was struck by lightning as he stared at the two people opposite, flabbergasted, "You… You you you… You are…"

If he and Ye Wanwan together were a contrasting and unexpected pair, then the image of this person kissing Ye Wanwan was really something straight out of a sci-fi movie--it was simply too shocking!

"You're Ye Wanwan's boyfriend…" Ling Dong took a long time to find his voice.

Even he could never kiss Ye Wanwan with that makeup, much less Si Xia who was finding all kinds of excuses to get out of it, but this man actually…

He thought about what Ye Wanwan said before, that she dolled up like that because her boyfriend liked her this way.

What Ye Wanwan said was true!

The man's indifferent eyes barely looked at Ling Dong before he carried the girl and left the empty restaurant.

From beginning till the end, Ye Wanwan obediently remained locked in the man's embrace.

Perhaps she was feeling a little sluggish since she just woke up or maybe Si Yehan's normally scary aura was absent. But being so close to Si Yehan wasn't as repulsive as she'd imagined.

Between each breath, she could smell a light aroma of fruit trees. It was different from the usual cold vibe from Si Yehan, but it smelled pretty good.

It might've been her illusion but this man was clearly still in the same old black outfit tonight, yet it gave her a very grand and formal vibe.

He never wore cologne but he did today. His subtle, luxurious, antique black cufflinks, his metallic tie clip and his suit's design looked similar to his other suits but after looking closely at the design, it appeared to be brand new…

The scariest thing was that this guy was too… handsome tonight…

She was blinded by Si Yehan, even though she was so used to seeing that face of his.

Recalling Ling Dong's face now, she couldn't help but find it hilarious. This poor child's three values would probably be shattered into pieces tonight.

Xu Yi stood by the restaurant door and saw everything that happened inside, and he saw that the boy was still standing there in a daze.

Xu Yi wiped his sweat and couldn't help but criticise his master silently. Master, must you go that far?

At this moment, Ye Wanwan had the same thought as well. Using Si Yehan to fight a suitor of Ling Dong's rank was no different from using an ultimate boss to kill a beginner!

"Erm… Please… Put me down…" said Ye Wanwan, after seeing that Si Yehan was still carrying her, seemingly without the intention of putting her down.

The man paused and the atmosphere became chilly in an instant. A moment later, he let her down.

Ye Wanwan jumped onto the ground, lifted her little head to look at the man in front of her, and said eagerly, "Can you carry me on your back…"

The man looked surprised after he heard that and immediately, bent forward in front of her slowly.

Ye Wanwan immediately climbed up onto the man's back, hugged his neck with both hands and yawned lazily, "This feels much better…"

Xu Yi watched how the both of them interacted and his heart was like a rollercoaster, going up and down.

He suddenly realised that whenever Ye Wanwan initiated intimacy, his violent and terrifying master became unbelievably docile.

On the silent and empty road, the man carried the girl as he walked back to school slowly.

Feeling her little head nodding on his back, the man asked, "Tired?"

Ye Wanwan nuzzled her head on his shoulders and nodded, "Yeah… Did something urgent happen to you today, was it important?"

"It's fine."

Ye Wanwan wasn't fully convinced, "Really? But on the phone just now, housekeeper Xu sounded like he was about to cry!"

She shot a suspicious look over to Xu Yi as she spoke.

Xu Yi's back stiffened and quickly waved his hands, "Oh, Ms Ye, it's really nothing, it has all been settled."

Even if you beat him to death, he would never dare to reveal that his elegant and aloof master went through outfit changes for three hours, tortured over ten stylists and made every servant in the house cry, before leaving the house…

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