Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 91: Put her down!!

Chapter 91: Put her down!!

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It was almost closing time for the restaurant and they were the only ones left.

Lately, Ye Wanwan's sleep schedule was pretty regular and she'd normally be fast asleep at this time so she felt quite sleepy.

When no one appeared after waiting some more, Ye Wanwan's eyelids became heavier and heavier. She leaned on her chin at first, then she started lying on the table and subsequently, fell asleep.

Ling Dong kept an intense watch over the time initially but when he raised his gaze, he realised that Ye Wanwan was sleeping soundly.

He stared at the way the girl slept and the fleeting glimpse from that night appeared in his head. His ears started burning bright red.

She'd said plainly that if she was lying to him, then she'd be his girlfriend. Did she agree because she actually liked him?

Ling Dong glanced at the time again and became quite excited. Passionately, he reached out to the girl's face, "Wanwan..."

At this moment, there was a smash and the restaurant's glass door was forced open by a slender and fair hand, accompanied by a gust of night wind.

"So sorry, our restaurant is closed... Erm..." That was the voice of the restaurant owner, dissipating into the night wind.

The sound of footsteps came closer and closer.

Ling Dong felt an inexplicable chill on his back and looked at the door subconsciously.

In the next second, his pupils constricted.

In his line of sight was a man walking towards him slowly.

The man was in a vintage classic black suit. His glacial eyes looked as if they were capable of freezing his soul.

As he walked over step by step, it seemed like he didn't resemble a person at all. He looked like a demon king who travelled with the night wind and used the light of the moon to reach the earth. The spacious restaurant suddenly appeared narrow and cramped.

Looking at the man's refined disposition and devilishly good looks, Ye Wanwan's words appeared in Ling Dong's head...

A thousand times better looking than Si Xia...

There was actually a person like that in this world, and this was him!

Just as Ling Dong regained his senses and realised he was gaping at the man, the man was suddenly standing right in front of him.

"Uh... You... Can I help you with anything?" Ling Dong asked subconsciously.

The man didn't reply and looked coldly at him. Ling Dong felt like he was his prey, being devoured at his throat.

As Ling Dong's body stiffened up, a cold sweat covered his forehead. Ye Wanwan, who was totally unconscious and in deep sleep, started falling off the side.

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was about to fall, Ling Dong started to reach out for her...

The man standing opposite used a relaxed, subtle and wickedly fast tilt of his body and caught the girl instead, who landed right into his arms.

Ling Dong looked at the man holding on to Ye Wanwan, hugging her, and his gaze tightened.

Ye Wanwan woke up in a shock, rubbed her eyes in a daze and looked at the person in front of her. She blanked out for a while. Then, slowly, she rubbed the man's body and grumbled, "What took you so long..."

The man looked at the girl in his arms; his cold gaze completely contrasted with his warm expression.

Ling Dong looked at Ye Wanwan and then at this man. What's... What's going on?

While Ling Dong stared blankly, the man started hoisting Ye Wanwan up.

Ling Dong finally regained his senses and blurted out, "Wait, put her down! Who are you?"

In the next moment, the chilly atmosphere around them intensified.

The man looked at the girl in his arms and while Ling Dong continued staring at him in shock, he slowly lowered his head and kissed the girl on her outrageously coloured lips...


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