Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 98: A kiss from the hunk

Chapter 98: A kiss from the hunk

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Ye Wanwan had initially thought that Si Xia wasn't coming to rehearsal today so she had applied purple lipstick.

Seeing Si Xia walking over, she asked subconsciously, "Um, do you want me to change the colour?"

She remembered how Si Xia couldn't stand this colour.

Si Xia glanced at her and an unusual warmth flashed across his eyes, "No need, it’s nice."

Ye Wanwan: "...!!!"

What? Nice?

Could someone save me from this guy?!

Ye Wanwan was so shaken up that she started to touch up her makeup to calm her nerves, but her eyeliner came out crooked as her hands shook and she even smudged her lipstick.

Si Xia glanced at Ye Wanwan’s face and a fleeting smile appeared on his gentle face, but in the next moment he took a deep breath and said, "Let’s start rehearsing!"

Since Si Xia himself wanted to rehearse, the flock of girls surrounding him were powerless to do anything and could only sit and watch unwillingly.

The rehearsal of the final act "Meet the Prince" began.

After Snow White was poisoned, a prince rode his white horse through the forest, lost his way and found a little wooden house by some strange coincidence. There, he saw seven little dwarves mourning for Princess Snow White.

Si Xia slowly walked towards the table where Ye Wanwan lay and gazed at the girl’s face with his glass-like eyes filled with deep emotion and sadness.

All the people watching were full of admiration.

Wow! The hunk’s acting skills today are off the charts!

Ye Wanwan’s role in this scene of the play tested everybody to the MAX-- the girls had to imagine this "ugly freak" as the world’s most beautiful Princess Snow White...

After this, the most disturbing scene was about to begin--the prince giving a kiss of true love to wake up the sleeping Snow White.

Si Xia stroked the girl’s hair lightly. With one arm propped beside her, he then slowly bent his body down...

His motions made all the girls blush; with hearts pounding, they each wanted to rush up on stage to lay down in Ye Wanwan's place.

"Oh I’m so mad! I really want to be kissed by the hunk as well!"

"The hunk’s too nice and gentle, yet he still forced himself to rehearse this scene!"

"But someone is taking advantage of his gentleness! Shame on her!"

Everybody gritted their teeth. With aching hearts, they collectively prepared a bottle of mineral water and garbage bin for Si Xia.

Meanwhile, as Si Xia stroked the girl’s hair lightly, he accidentally brushed her neck and his fingers suddenly stiffened up.

Ye Wanwan's skin was as fair as goat’s milk; one word immediately surfaced in his mind when he touched it: delicate.

Si Xia was a little taken aback and retracted his fingers quickly like he had just gotten burnt while the ends of his ears started reddening. He immediately calmed himself down, bent down again and edged closer to the girl bit by bit...

Cheng Xue, who was watching, suddenly stood up and shouted, "What is going on?!"

All the other girls were stunned as well.

Why didn’t Si Xia run away as usual when he got this close? This time, he's actually leaning closer and closer!

Everybody watched as the distance between the two of them shrank. Even if they were just getting in position, they didn’t have to be that close.

Damn! What is going on? Could it be that Si Xia really wants to do it for real?

Even the distracted Ling Dong, who was watching from the corner of the room, suddenly changed his expression when he realised what was happening.

Although Ye Wanwan had closed her eyes, she could feel Si Xia's breath. When she felt that something wasn’t quite right, she quickly opened her eyes. In the next second, Si Xia’s face loomed directly in front of her...

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