Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 954 - Who does Mommy love the most?

Chapter 954: Who does Mommy love the most?

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“Bang–” The sound reverberated throughout the hotel’s luxury suite. The documents originally in Xu Yi’s hands were scattered across the floor.

When he unintentionally glanced at the message on Si Ye Han’s phone, Xu Yi felt like he was almost scared to the point of pissing his pants.


Seriously, what did I just see?!

Right now, someone else was in possession of Miss Wanwan’s phone. That person also used Miss Wanwan’s phone to send a text to his master that read: “Yesterday night, she slept together with me”…

Slept together?

These seven words strung together were so powerful; they were practically an epic atomic bomb!

Xu Yi’s spirit seemed to have broken into pieces as he stiffly turned his neck to watch his master’s reaction.

The aura his master was exuding was extremely chilling due to his icy expression and the murderous intent in his eyes…

With pacification and taming from Miss Wanwan, his master had nearly become a saint. He was neither arrogant nor angry nor impatient but because of this new incident, everything reverted back to how it once was and the doors of Hell had opened again…

“9th… 9th master… There must be… some kind of misunderstanding here…” Xu Yi was so scared that he couldn’t even finish his sentences properly.

However, Miss Wanwan’s phone really was in someone else’s hands this early in the morning. They even sent this kind of message without explaining things clearly!


Why’s it that Miss Wanwan rarely has anything going on, but when she does, she scares everyone to death?!

Si Ye Han stared at the message on his phone and suddenly had flashbacks to Ye Wanwan’s behavior when she was talking to him the night before.

When I said I would be returning the day after…

Her tone seemed as though she didn’t want me to return so early…

He didn’t want to suspect her, but this time, his instincts told him things weren’t right!

“Xu Yi, book the next flight back to China.”

“But…” Xu Yi wanted to dissuade him, but when he saw his master’s expression, he immediately got abandoned his idea. “Yes! I’ll go do that now!”

Outside the Little House of Rose.

Inside the car, Nie Tang Xiao was staring at the message: “Her caller ID should answer your question.” His little face tensed up as anger flashed through his dark gaze.

He remained that way until he replied back with: “Yesterday night, she slept together with me.” Only then did the little fella’s expression lighten up a bit.

But when he saw the sender’s saved name again, he instantly pursed his lips.

“Baby, Mommy is back! Let’s head out!”

When Nie Tang Xiao heard Ye Wanwan’s warm voice, he quickly placed the phone back.

Ye Wanwan opened the car door and sat in the driver’s seat, oblivious to how her phone was now located on the stand on the dashboard when it was left on her seat earlier.

Due to her worries about being overly busy and not being able to take care of Tangtang, Ye Wanwan also picked up Tang Bin and Song Qiang.

At this moment, the little fella was obediently sitting in his seat like usual, so Ye Wanwan didn’t notice anything off with him.

The little fella lowered his gaze to mask the distress in his eyes.

He knew he shouldn’t have done what he did.

But it was just so infuriating!

I’m clearly Mommy’s most beloved darling!

The car continued smoothly down the road.

Ye Wanwan was seated in the front, focused on driving while in the back, the quiet Nie Tang Xiao asked, “Can I ask you two misters a question?”

Tang Bin and Song Qiang instantly sat upright.

Tang Bin: “Of course!”

Song Qiang: “Ask away, ask away!”

Nie Tang Xiao: “Who does Mommy love the most?”

When the duo heard this question, they looked at each other with surprise and began to sweat.

This was a life or death type of question!!!

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