Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 955 - Master, help!

Chapter 955: Master, help!

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If they had known this earlier, they would’ve stayed at home and gone through their monstrous training!

Why did they have to answer such a terrifying question?!

Who did their master love the most?

Was this even a question that needed asking?

Although they hadn’t been by their master’s side for long, even they knew that the one their master loved the most must be the Si family’s gorgeous family head!

Who was their master?

She was the beautiful Black Widow who had countless boy toys, but now, because of the head of the Si family, she gave up a huge forest of men. She came a long distance to China so they could see each other everyday and have sweet, romantic dates. In her eyes, other men weren’t even worth a single glance!

That was true love!

The answer was very obvious… However, the duo’s instincts told them something. They. Absolutely. Could. Not. Tell. The. Truth!

Tang Bin decidedly said, “The person Master loves the most… That… That, of course, would be you, young master!”

Song Qiang followed his lead. “That’s right, that’s right! Aside from you, young master, who else could it be?”

Unfortunately, the little devil was clearly not that gullible. “Is that so?”

Tang Bin: “Yes…”

Song Qiang: “Yes, yes.”

Right as the duo began trembling in fear, the second life or death question came.

Nie Tang Xiao: “The person who Mommy calls baby, who is that?”



Their master would only use such an intimate title for none other than the gorgeous family head! There was no escape!

The two glanced at each other, both thinking in sync. Wouldn’t that be your own father?

After the young master arrived, they secretly wondered several times who his real father could be. After thinking it over many times, they concluded that the family head of the Si family was most likely the father.

But what if he wasn’t?

Their answer couldn’t just be a random guess!

Master, save us…

In the midst of their internal begging, the car finally arrived.

“We’re here, you can get off!” Subsequently, Ye Wanwan parked the car.

The duo felt as though they were granted amnesty and they hurriedly rushed the little fella out of the car.

It was all thanks to Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao An paying out of their own pockets on advertising that their “A Life and Death Struggle” premiere screening received so much attention. Headlines describing the incident from the night before had already been plastered all over the tabloids early in the morning. All members of the media had come to today’s premiere screening without an invitation.

In addition, there were also fans present, so the venue was very lively.

“AHHHHHHH! Gong Xu Gong Xu!”

“Luo Chen, I LOVE YOU!”

Ye Wanwan arrived at the same time as the main cast members, Gong Xu and Luo Chen. They were literally surrounded by reporters and fans as they walked forward.

Han Xian Yu was following closely behind since he also played a supporting role in the film as a favor for a friend.

When Han Xian Yu arrived, the entire venue erupted in screams and cheers.

Ye Wanwan’s group was taking a different path, so they didn’t rouse any attention from the media and the fans.

“Come, Tangtang. We’re going this way!” Ye Wanwan held Tangtang’s small hand.

The little fella nodded and silently peered at the crowd. There were too many people at the venue so it was too hectic and crowded. He couldn’t even make out the three people that were being surrounded.

The screening was taking place in a large, open field up ahead. Not far from this place was a hotel for artists and staff.

Ye Wanwan first settled Tangtang in the break room before heading out for her scheduled activities.

The main stars that day were the creative staff from the production team. Ye Mu Fan would be attending as the representative from their company. Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan only needed to appear briefly to cut the ribbon with everyone and burn a stick of incense then she could return to the break room.

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