Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 953 - I'm the one who's most intimate with her!

Chapter 953: I’m the one who’s most intimate with her!

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Most Beloved Darling…

When Nie Tang Xiao saw those three words, his little face became frozen.

The phone kept ringing.

The caller ID kept flashing on the phone screen.

Outside the country, inside a certain suite at a luxurious hotel.

Si Ye Han was frowning as he held his phone.

Every time he called Ye Wanwan, he called according to her schedule so it would be convenient for her to answer, so she should be able to answer within seconds. However, no one answered this time.

Xu Yi, who was standing to the side, held a big pile of documents. He asked, “9th master, what is it? Did Miss Wanwan not answer the phone?”

Si Ye Han didn’t reply. With his hand, he pinched the space between his brows. He felt that lately, he couldn’t focus and was overthinking too much.

It was probably because she wasn’t in his line of sight.

Xu Yi boldly replied, “Miss Wanwan has a screening today. My guess is that she headed over to the production team early, so she must be busy right now…”

Xu Yi sighed inwardly. His master appeared frightening and cold to others as though nothing could affect him, but when it came to matters concerning Miss Wanwan…

After waiting a while, the line appeared like it was going to automatically cut off since no one was answering the call.

Si Ye Han was about to put his phone away when the call suddenly went through.

However, even though the call went through, no one spoke from the other end.

The screen showed the counter for the duration of the call, and the seconds began to jump up.

Very quickly, 5 seconds went by and the silence dragged on.

As the seconds continued to count on, Si Ye Han’s gaze deepened bit by bit.

Xu Yi, who was still standing quietly to the side, observed as his master’s expression became rather strange and filled with suspicion.

What’s going on?

Why isn’t anyone saying anything?

After another few seconds, no one had said anything still.

Si Ye Han glanced down at his phone screen then expressionlessly asked, “Who are you?”

Upon hearing his master’s three words, Xu Yi was shocked.

F***! “What happened?

Miss Wanwan wasn’t the one who answered the phone?

However, Xu Yi was positioned fairly close to master, but he hadn’t heard the person over the phone saying anything. How did his master know the person wasn’t Miss Wanwan?

There was still no reply from the person over the phone after Si Ye Han asked this question.

“Doot doot doot…” Soon after, the phone transmitted the sound of the line hanging up.

Xu Yi stared at the phone and took a deep breath, not daring to make a sound.

How did Miss Wanwan’s phone end up in someone else’s hands?

At that moment, Si Ye Han’s phone flashed. It was a text message from Ye Wanwan’s phone.

Si Ye Han stared at the notification. He peered down at it then he clicked it open with his finger.

[And who are you?]

This message confirmed it wasn’t Ye Wanwan!

The atmosphere became tenser by several degrees.

Si Ye Han directly replied back: [Her caller ID should answer your question.]

This reply!

One hit K.O.!

The caller ID was Most Beloved Darling!

Did they even need to ask who he was?

Their relationship was clearly beyond friendship, and he could even be said to be the one who was most intimate with her!

After Si Ye Han sent this message, there was no reply from Ye Wanwan’s phone for awhile.

Some time passed and a reply was finally received. Inside the message was…

[Yesterday night, she slept with me.]

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