Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 952 - This is Worriless?

Chapter 952: This is Worriless?

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The man clicked the first photo. When he saw the photo, he froze. “Madam! Quickly look!”

The woman was not in the mood at all to see some random photo, but after glancing it, her entire expression changed. She immediately snatched the phone from her husband. “This… this is our Tangtang?”

In the photo was their little darling wearing furry, cartoon pajamas. He showed a heart to the camera with a small hand. It was so cute and heart-warming.

She had never seen their darling looking so cute and child-like before…

The grey-robed man replied emotionally, “That’s Tangtang, alright!”

The woman treated the cell phone as though it was a baby as she kept looking at the photo over and over. Her face was filled with disbelief as she murmured, “It really is Tangtang…”

“Madam, now you can rest easy. From the looks of it, he seems to be well. That brat of ours seems to have a decent caretaker this time,” the man coaxed her.

The woman’s gaze never left the photo as she urgently asked, “Are there any other photos?”

“There should be another one…”

The woman didn’t reply and rushed to open the other photo.

There was only one other photo. However, this one was a group photo. Aside from Tangtang, there was also a young girl in the photo.

The girl was sitting with Tangtang on the sofa, happily looking at the camera while forming one heart with Tangtang.

“This…” When the woman looked at the photo, she was shocked then her eyes began to redden. “Worriless… This is Worriless!”

The man’s expression was also filled with shock, but he quickly calmed down, “This should be the girl our son mentioned before, the girl he found to impersonate Worriless.”

After searching for their daughter throughout the years, they had been disappointed way too many times. They no longer carried any hope.

The woman stared directly at the girl in the photo. “But why is it that when I look at this girl, it feels like she’s my Worriless? I’ve never had this feeling before…”

The man held his wife in his arms and patted her on the shoulder. “If she’s Worriless, there’s no way we didn’t find her before. Madam, you just feel this way because you miss Worriless too much!”

The woman closed her eyes, hiding the despair in them.

The grey-robed man let out a sigh, and a streak of coldness flashed through his gaze. “Honestly, no news on Worriless is actually good news… If Worriless came back, knowing the situation on that side, they definitely wouldn’t sit still then she’d fall into more danger…”

China, Little House of Rose.

Morning of the next day.

After the events of last night, Ye Wanwan originally wanted to stay home to accompany Tangtang. However, she had the screening of “A Life and Death Struggle” today, so she had to work.

But she also couldn’t bear to leave Tangtang alone in the house.

After thinking it through, she decided to bring Tangtang along to see the production team.

Regarding her cross-dressing as a man, she already explained it to Tangtang the night before. Originally, she thought she would have to explain a lot in order for him to understand, but Tangtang’s level of comprehension was very high. She only needed to explain a bit before he understood, and he even knew that when she was dressed as a man, he needed to team up with her by not calling her Mommy.

He was even more dependable than his uncle by far!

This was why Ye Wanwan wasn’t worried at all that bringing Tangtang along would be inconvenient.

Thus, Ye Wanwan ultimately decided she would bring Tangtang with her.

“Baby, wait in the car for Mommy. Mommy forgot something!”

“Okay.” The little fella obediently nodded.

Ye Wanwan hadn’t left for long before her phone, that was in the car, began ringing.

Nie Tang Xiao glanced at the phone and saw the caller ID on the screen that read: “Most Beloved Darling”…

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