Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 951 - Am I your really your child?

Chapter 951: Am I your really your child?

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On the other side of the ocean.

At the top of a grand and prestigious building, the symbol of a black eagle was shining beneath the sunlight.

In the hall, a stern-looking middle-aged woman was sitting at a table. She appeared cold and indifferent as she waited there.

A brief moment later, a man in a black suit, who wiped his sweat as he respectfully strode in, said, “Madam Nie, excuse me for not going out to greet you. What brought you to visit our Black Eagle Mercenary Group?”

The woman expressionlessly replied, “I’m ordering an S-rank warrant.”

His expression immediately changed when he heard that. “Madam Nie… Who are you trying to apprehend…?”

Who could possibly have offended the Nie family to the point that Madam Nie had to come personally to request an S-rank warrant?

Did the stand-alone island want to revolt?

The woman glanced up. “Nameless Nie!”

The corners of the nervous man’s lips twitched. “Uh…”

Did I mishear?

The target of the warrant is her own son…

Right as the man in the suit didn’t know what to do, a man wearing grey robes strode in.

Once the man in the suit saw him, he felt as though his lucky star had come to save him. “M-Mr. Nie, the madam said she wanted an S-rank warrant for young master Nie. This…”

The grey-robed man walked over to the woman’s side and lightly coughed before he tried to dissuade her. “Madam, things might not be as bad as you think they are. Didn’t Lingfeng and Lingyun already say Tangtang is fine?”

The woman didn’t say anything. She only glanced coldly towards the man.

The grey-robed man suddenly turned towards the man in the suit. “Didn’t my wife already give you orders? What are you still dawdling here for? Go send the warrant! S-rank!”

The man in the suit nearly broke into tears. “…”

Boss, oh please, that’s enough…

At that moment, the grey-robed man’s phone started ringing.

The grey-robed man carefully glanced at his phone. “Madam, it’s our son calling!”

The woman quietly replied, “Our son?”

The grey-robed man immediately replied, “Cough cough, it’s our unfilial son calling! I’m just going to answer to see what he has to say!”

He walked away some distance before lowering his voice and speaking directly into his phone. “Son, your mother just ordered an S-rank warrant for you…”

Nameless Nie, who was on the phone, was surprised. “Dad, tell me about something honestly…”


“Am I really your child?”

“You brat! At this time, you can still joke?! Your father! I haven’t rested a single day because of you! How could you come up with such a junk idea? How could you casually find someone to impersonate Worriless?”

Nameless Nie weakly replied, “Dad, I didn’t casually find someone. That girl is really good… I even have a photo here which I think can save me. I just sent it to you. Quick, show it to mom. Once she sees it, I don’t think she’ll be angry at me anymore…”

“You think one photo can alleviate her anger? You really think that’s possible? This time, even coaxing from me doesn’t work!”

Nameless Nie went silent for a moment before he replied, “Father, do you have some kind of misunderstanding about your position in our family?”

“Hey! You brat! What did you say?! I dare you to say it again!”

Nameless Nie reminded his dad and urged him to show the photo to his mother then hung up the phone.

The man didn’t have a choice and did as Nameless Nie instructed. He brought his phone over to the woman. “Madam, that brat sent a photo and said I should show you.”

The woman’s gaze became several degrees colder. “What is there to see? You tell him to immediately bring back Tangtang. Otherwise, I have nothing to say to him!”

“Cough cough, just look at it first…”

The grey-robed man opened up his phone screen. Indeed, Nameless Nie had just sent over several photos to his email.

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