Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 950 - Candidates to be the real dad

Chapter 950: Candidates to be the real dad

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This sudden feeling where she didn’t want Si Ye Han to see Tangtang seemed to have emerged from her subconsciousness. Ye Wanwan was unable to understand why she felt this way.

Was it because Tangtang resembled herself and she was afraid Si Ye Han would misunderstand?

Ye Wanwan kept thinking it over and over, but she couldn’t come up with a reason.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Wanwan went to the other room to see Tangtang, worried that the little fella might not be able to sleep well in an unfamiliar environment.

Ye Wanwan opened the door gently and was stunned.

There was no one in bed!

Ye Wanwan instantly became scared. “Tangtang?”

She searched around the house and couldn’t find him. Finally, she saw a small silhouette on the balcony.

She could only see that the little fella was still wearing his adorable pajamas, sitting alone by himself.

Ye Wanwan’s heart strangely ached.

Could it be that Tangtang had spent the past two nights sitting there?

She should’ve realized sooner that such a young child, who left his home and entered an unfamiliar environment, wouldn’t feel at home so soon…

“Tangtang, why are you sitting here? Are you having trouble sleeping?”

When the little fella heard Ye Wanwan’s voice, he froze. “Mommy…”

“Mommy’s here. What is it? Are you not used to sleeping here?”

As Ye Wanwan asked this, she noticed the light from Nie Tang Xiao’s phone that was on the round table. On the screen was a photo of a man.

Ye Wanwan hadn’t clearly seen the photo when the phone screen went dark by itself.

She had only been able to notice the number “1” labelling the photo.

What did the label mean?

Could there still be a “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, and “6”?

Of course, at this moment, Ye Wanwan would never have guessed that this was one of the candidates Tangtang suspected could be his dad…

Ye Wanwan didn’t think about it too much and instead, she rubbed the little fella’s head. “Mommy will sleep with you, okay?”

The little fella looked up and replied seriously, “Mommy, I can sleep by myself. I was just thinking about some matters.”

Ye Wanwan laughed when she heard the little boy say seriously that he was thinking about some matters. “That’s not possible. If you don’t sleep at night, you won’t grow any taller!”

At that moment, Tangtang’s straight face really… resembled a certain someone!

Damn, am I feeling guilty?

Instead of Tangtang being my illegitimate child, he seems more like Si Ye Han’s illegitimate child, alright?

Ye Wanwan directly took the little fella’s small hand and returned to the house.

She tucked the little fella into bed then she laid down next to him. “Baby, how about Mommy tells you a bedtime story?”

The little fella was lying next to his Mommy. His small hands grasped the edges of his blanket and his big eyes looked like stars as he gazed at Ye Wanwan expectantly.

Ye Wanwan felt as though her heart had softened into mush as she softly began: “A very, very long time ago, there was a little girl. Everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood because of the really nice-looking red hood given to her by maternal grandmother.”

“One day, Little Red Riding Hood went to deliver a cake to her grandma, but on the way there, she encountered a big grey wolf. Little Red Riding Hood had never seen such a handsome wolf, so she decided to hoodwink the wolf with her cake…”


She nearly told the wrong version!

Ye Wanwan immediately stopped herself and quickly switched versions. “Cough cough, when Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf, a wolf she had never seen before, she didn’t know about the wolf’s vicious nature. Thus, she told the wolf she was going to the forest to visit her grandmother. And then…”

Under the dim yellow light, paired with a gentle, soothing voice, the little fella slowly closed his eyes with his soft, small face pressed against his Mommy’s hand as he fell into a sweet slumber.

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