Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 940 - Who do you want to marry

Chapter 940: Who do you want to marry

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Ye Wanwan felt pretty helpless. She already made it clear several times, but why did everyone still think she couldn’t get over Gu Yue Ze?

If this person didn’t show up every once in a while, she wouldn’t even remember who he was, alright?

Ye Mu Fan was still suspicious. He saw how Ye Wanwan was so desperate and smitten over Gu Yue Ze before.

Ye Wanwan explained helplessly, “Really, I don’t have such bad taste…”

Ye Mu Fan then asked, “Tell me what sort of guy you want to marry in the future then?”

Ye Wanwan replied matter-of-factly, “Obviously I want to marry my boyfriend!”

Ye Mu Fan glared at her angrily. “Could you be more idealistic? Could you have higher expectations? Tell me the ideal kind of guy you want to marry! No matter who you want, ge will help you get him!”

“Uh… the ideal kind of guy, huh?” Ye Wanwan pretended to ponder deeply.

Ye Mu Fan nodded. “That’s right! Anyone is fine!”

This wasn’t exactly considered bluffing because if he won the Ye family back, his younger sister would be able to marry any young master she wanted with her qualifications and looks.

Ye Wanwan thought for a very long time. Finally, she looked into Ye Mu Fan’s eager eyes and answered, “Oh… Si Ye Han then!”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”


Ye Mu Fan’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t speak at all.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows.”What’s with your reaction?”

Ye Mu Fan swallowed and patted his sister’s shoulder. He said sincerely, “Sis, ge thinks that being idealistic and dreaming are two different things; you need to be able to tell them apart… head home early to shower and sleep okay!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Before she headed back, Ye Wanwan went to the shopping mall first.

At first, she merely wanted to buy a few sets of clothing for Tangtang. In the end, she bought everything from toothbrushes to cups to pajamas to toys. She also bought bedsheets and curtains for the house. As long as it was cute, she couldn’t resist…

Finally, she couldn’t carry all the things by herself and had to resort to getting the shopping center to deliver the items to her place.

Little House of Rose:

The group of five mercenaries was standing in a row, trembling in fear.

On the sofa opposite, Nie Tang Xiao sat there with a rigid expression. His little arm was holding a stack of documents and there was a terrifying aura around him that didn’t match his age at all.

“It’s a pity that all five of you weren’t able to hit the mark.”

The group stood there and didn’t dare to say a word at all.

The little boy was holding records of every single detail about them – where they were from, their backgrounds, their abilities and even every mission they had undertaken ever since they joined the mercenary group…

Even the top intelligence group in the world wouldn’t be able to obtain such classified information.

The five of them were anxious. The moment they were outside the protection of their master, they would go back to being chased for the rest of their lives.

“We… we know we’re not qualified enough to stay by master’s side… but… but we will work very hard…”

“Me too, me too!”

Nie Tang Xiao pushed a black booklet towards them. “This is your training plan. If all of you are still unable to satisfy me in three months, I will find someone else to replace you.”

The five of them quickly accepted the black booklet. When they scanned it, they nearly fainted.

Upon seeing the four big golden words on the cover, the fatty’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. “Damn! What did I just see…”

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