Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 939 - Expert at digging pits

Chapter 939: Expert at digging pits

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Liang Mei Xuan was shocked. “Dad, this… how could you do this?!”

Ye Wanwan said casually, “Grandpa has always been fair. 2nd aunt, are you doubting grandpa’s judgment, huh? Or do you think you can override grandpa’s decisions in this family?”

Liang Mei Xuan was too afraid to look at Ye Hong Wei’s rigid face. “Ye Wanwan, don’t talk nonsense. Since when did I say anything like that? What I meant was…”

Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Shao An wouldn’t take this lying down and obviously wanted to argue, but too bad, they already made the rules clear when they tried to mess with Ye Mu Fan. If they changed what they said now that they were the target, it would be equivalent to slapping their own faces.

“It’s decided then. Nobody is allowed to talk about it again.” Ye Hong Wei wasn’t in the mood to listen to squabbling between the younger generation. His face darkened as he left the banquet hall with Tan Yi Lan.

The guests and media left the place as well. Once everything was settled, Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan left too.

When they reached the entrance, Ye Wanwan realized Ye Mu Fan kept looking down and seemed to be mumbling.

“Ge, what are you doing?”

Ye Mu Fan lifted his head and said, “Don’t disturb me, I’m trying to figure out something… just how many pits did you dig for Ye Shao An and the others this time…”

They gained the trust and favor of grandpa and grandma, got a free press conference, got top-notch film publicity and saved a whole lot of money for marketing. They cleared their names, sought justice for Xu Lin and suspended Ye Yiyi from her duties…

He already lost count…

Wanwan had dug a pit for everyone she wanted to mess with…

The siblings were chatting when a familiar male voice resounded behind them.

“Young master Ye, it’s been a while since we last met.”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes narrowed when she turned around and saw who spoke. It was Gu Yue Ze…

When Ye Mu Fan saw that it was Gu Yue Ze, he extended his arm and pushed Ye Wanwan behind him to protect her from Gu Yue Ze’s gaze.

Ye Mu Fan’s eyes were cold. “Oh, it’s who I thought it was; so it’s this scumbag, huh? What do you want?”

Gu Yue Ze chuckled and said, “Nothing much, I was just quite surprised. You played your hand well tonight, young master Ye. I think I underestimated you.”

After he spoke up to this point, Gu Yue Ze’s tone suddenly changed and the smile in his eyes turned into contempt. “Too bad this won’t change anything…”

Ye Mu Fan’s fingers balled up into a fist. “Tsk, is that so? We’ll wait and see then!”

Gu Yue Ze didn’t say anything and strode away with a smile.

Before he left, there was obvious aggression in his eyes as he glanced at Ye Wanwan without saying a word.

From a man’s point of view, Ye Wanwan was indeed very attractive after her makeover. But unfortunately, she was just a flower vase who looked pretty on the outside and didn’t benefit him at all.

If he wanted to play with this sort of woman, there were a bunch of them in the industry and he could have whoever he wanted. There were countless of them who appeared on his doorstep too…

Ye Mu Fan obviously knew what Gu Yue Ze’s gaze at Ye Wanwan meant. He was so enraged that he nearly beat Gu Yue Ze up.

He restrained himself only because he cared about his younger sister.

Ye Mu Fan looked at Ye Wanwan and comforted her gently, “Wanwan, don’t be upset over that scumbag. Ge will definitely win the Ye family over! Then you can marry whoever you want!”

Ye Wanwan: “Don’t worry, I already said it before – I have no feelings toward Gu Yu Ze at all.”

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