Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 938 - The biggest winner

Chapter 938: The biggest winner

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Ye Wanwan’s words immediately left Ye Shao An’s family speechless.

Initially, Ye Hong Wei was already quite upset with their attitudes and this incident had severely intensified the bad feelings he had towards them.

There were also many problems with the way Mu Fan and the two of them handled the situation.

Liang Mei Xuan glared at Ye Wanwan. “What does a kid like you know, huh? Don’t interrupt…”

Ye Wanwan stood next to the old master. “Grandpa, I really didn’t know anything, but I can tell right from wrong and the one in the wrong isn’t ge-ge!”

Ye Hong Wei looked at his granddaughter next to him and his expression turned gentler. “Alright, Wanwan, grandpa knows your brother isn’t in the wrong. Mu Fan, what you did today made me look at you with new eyes…”

After speaking, Ye Hong Wei looked at Ye Shao An with a frozen expression. “Shao An, do you know where you went wrong?”

Ye Shao An’s face stiffened. “I…”

Ye Hong Wei said sternly, “Firstly, you have a bad judgment of people which caused this scandal; secondly, as the group’s CEO, the person steering the entire company, you must be able to look at the overall situation, but you allowed the incident to devolve into the worst case just because of your selfishness; thirdly, you had no intention of having a family reunion.”

Ye Hong Wei spoke as disappointment built up on his face. “I think you’re not even as good as Mu Fan and Wanwan!”

This comment was very harsh.

Darkness appeared in Ye Yiyi’s eyes and she said anxiously, “Grandpa, sorry, don’t blame dad. I took over this issue and it was my fault for not investigating things further – it’s not dad’s fault.”

Ye Hong Wei spoke gravely, “Yiyi, you were indeed in the wrong. As the person in charge, you shall be suspended from your duties for three months.”

Liang Mei Xuan panicked when she heard him. “Dad, that’s too much – what does this incident have to do with Yiyi? How could you punish Yiyi? Anyway, Yiyi and Yue Ze will be engaged next month. If you suspend her now, what’s she going to do…”

Ye Hong Wei sneered coldly, “Who was the one who said there were many reporters around today and there must be an answer for the sake of the company’s image? Who said this was business-related and not a family issue? You guys were right – nobody should be given special treatment. We should deal with this issue as is!”

Ye Yiyi’s gaze darkened slightly and she spoke in a sweet and patient voice. “Mommy, don’t talk anymore. I deserve the punishment.”

Ye Mu Fan walked over with a guilty look. “Sorry, grandpa and grandma. I caused the celebration to turn out this way…”

Tan Yi Lan sighed. “Mu Fan, grandma understands. It’s not your fault.”

After all, they had witnessed what Ye Mu Fan did just now, so they obviously knew who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

Ye Hong Wei glanced at his grandson and said in a deep voice, “I found out a little about that new company you started. Mu Fan, if you’re able to show some achievement within a year, grandpa can consider giving you a chance.”

Ye Wanwan had waited a long time to hear this. Her eyes lit up immediately. When she saw that Mu Fan wasn’t reacting at all, she silently tapped him.

Ye Mu Fan returned to his senses and hurriedly said, “Thank you, grandpa! I’ll do my best!”

At that moment, Ye Yiyi and Liang Mei Xuan’s faces completely changed.

The stubborn old master, who’d never change his mind once he made a decision, actually… relented!

He was actually giving Ye Mu Fan a chance to inherit the company!

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