Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 937 - Make a clean sweep

Chapter 937: Make a clean sweep

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Even if he had strong telepathic skills or a good memory, it would’ve been impossible for Xu Lin to recreate the script exactly…

Which meant there was only one explanation left – Xu Lin lied to him and the script was completed a long time ago. He was also one step ahead of him and published it online.

He… he had completely fallen into Xu Lin’s trap!

After the reporters were dumbstruck for a moment, there was an uproar.

He caused such a ruckus and actually got it wrong? 

The Age of the Immortals didn’t steal the script – it was Emperor Sky Entertainment?

All the reporters immediately crowded around Tan Zhen Xin.

Reporter: “Teacher Tan, is there anything you’d like to say regarding the evidence Mr. Ye provided?”

Tan Zhen Xin: “I… I remembered things incorrectly… actually, I finished writing this script a long time ago!”

Reporter: “But didn’t you say you completed it three months ago and you even have Miss Ye Yiyi to testify for you?”

Reporter: “Did you steal from Xu Lin and lie to us?”

Although the media had already red pocket bribes from Ye Yiyi, they had done what they could and if there was some other explosive news, they wouldn’t let it go.

This unexpected plot twist was even more explosive than the original news. Furthermore, Ye Wanwan had obviously made preparations too.

Tan Zhen Xin stammered and was trying to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, Ye Mu Fan had already prepared a trap for him and exposed everything at the scene.

Some of the reporters even started to crowd around Ye Hong Wei and the other higher-ups.

Reporter: “Chairman Ye, what do you think about this infringement incident at Emperor Sky?”

Reporter: “Chairman Ye, is this incident an indication of Emperor Sky’s negligence in management?”

Reporter: “Chairman Ye, there have been many internal issues at Emperor Sky – this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Is there anything you’d like to say regarding this?”

Ye Hong Wei watched the chaos at the scene and his face was a hundred times uglier than before.

Something so embarrassing actually happened at such an important event like Emperor Sky Entertainment’s 20th-anniversary party.

Ye Yiyi swiftly got the security guards to separate the media from them. “Sorry everyone, this is our company’s internal issue. Please take your leave first; we will have a press conference once we have more details!”

Ye Hong Wei was so furious that his entire face was already black. “Shao An, what’s going on here?!”

Ye Shao An had been waiting eagerly to witness a good show from Ye Mu Fan; he hadn’t expected this to happen at all and only regained his senses after the old master called on him to account for it. “This… there must be a misunderstanding…”

Ye Hong Wei: “Misunderstanding? Why don’t you tell us what sort of misunderstanding there is?”

Ye Shao An choked and replied, “Dad, this… we really shouldn’t deal with this at an occasion like this. Let’s just disperse the reporters and control the situation first. We’ll talk about it in private later!”

Liang Mei Xuan hurriedly chimed in, “Since Mu Fan has evidence, why didn’t he make it clear earlier? He’s doing this on purpose! He doesn’t even care about the special occasion today and insisted on making things so ugly. Is he happy now?”

A pair of unhurried footsteps came from behind them as Ye Wanwan walked over and stood next to the two elders. She talked like she was in a difficult position. “Grandpa, grandma, ge-ge kept requesting to deal with it in private earlier. It was second uncle, second auntie, and Yiyi-jie who didn’t agree to it. There were so many reporters at the scene just now and everyone was forcing ge-ge to provide an explanation – why didn’t second auntie consider what occasion it was today, huh?”

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