Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 936 - This is preposterous

Chapter 936: This is preposterous

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Tan Zhen Xin scoffed when he heard that. Someone actually wrote the exact same piece of work half a year ago?

How’s that possible?!

I’m afraid Ye Mu Fan is dreaming!

The moment Ye Mu Fan said that, the image on the screen changed and a few images appeared.

Someone going by the ID Xu Lin posted a script titled “Life and Death Struggle” on their blog. Everyone scanned through the synopsis and the content was exactly the same as Tan Zhen Xin’s “The Age of Love.”

However, nobody expected that Xu Lin’s “Life and Death Struggle” script on the blog was actually posted six months before Tan Zhen Xin declared he completed “The Age of Love”…

As they watched the big screen behind Ye Mu Fan, all the reporters were dumbfounded.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t Xu Lin the one who stole Tan Zhen Xin’s script? Why’s Xu Lin’s ‘Life and Death Struggle’ posted way before ‘The Age of Love’ was finished?”

“If that’s the case, isn’t it reversed? It was Tan Zhen Xin who stole Xu Lin’s work, right?”

“That… can’t be… Tan Zhen Xin is a gold medal screenwriter… is there some sort of misunderstanding here…”

Tan Zhen Xin stared at the big screen behind Ye Mu Fan. His brows furrowed as he looked at the photo, but he remained calm and said, “Ye Mu Fan! You actually forged the evidence!”

Ye Mu Fan laughed and said plainly, “Teacher Tan Zhen Xin, I’ve never met anyone that dumb who would create such a clumsy and fake piece of evidence to show so many reporters and media reps. If people don’t believe me, you may visit the site of the blog directly and see things for yourself. Then everything will be clear, right?”

While Ye Mu Fan was talking, all the reporters got their phones out and were investigating.

In the end, with just one look, everyone was taken aback.

They found that post on the blog and verified it carefully. It wasn’t just a screenshot photoshopped by Ye Mu Fan.

The evidence was presented right there before everyone’s eyes.

Tan Zhen Xin was fearless at first, but as he saw that the people around him were acting differently, he hurriedly took out his phone to search and was completely dumbfounded.

“This… this is impossible! This is completely impossible!”

When Xu Lin started writing this script, he watched Xu Lin the whole time. How could the script have been written six months ago?

This is preposterous!

Ye Mu Fan swept his gaze across everyone present and said, “It doesn’t matter what project a company works on; the company has to make necessary preparations and conduct their research before they can launch the project.”

“We strongly believe there was no problem with Mr. Xu Lin’s script and we have concrete evidence to prove this point. We are also very willing to answer any questions anyone has about this.”

“However, judging by teacher Tan’s reputation and character, I think there may be some sort of misunderstanding regarding this issue. Furthermore, he is also the screenwriter for Emperor Sky entertainment and Emperor Sky has always been very professional and reliable. That’s why I wanted to clear the air with teacher Tan before making things public to prevent any disagreements from arising.”

“However, since teacher Tan wanted to talk about it right here, I could only respect his wishes!”

Tan Zhen Xin was standing below the stage and received more and more strange looks and whispers. At the moment, beads of cold sweat were forming on his forehead.

He racked his brain but still didn’t understand how things turned out this way…

This strange incident was actually happening…

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