Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 935 - The longest route

Chapter 935: The longest route

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The more Ye Yiyi listened to this, the more uneasy she felt.

What’s Ye Mu Fan doing?

Liang Mei Xuan crossed her arms and sighed. “This guy is such a smooth talker! He’s still trying to change the subject now, huh! Let’s see how long he can drag this on for…”

Ye Shao An spoke to Ye Hong Wei with a grave expression. “Dad, Mu Fan is just like his father – always doing things to harm the company and the family’s interests. You didn’t believe me when I said he stole the company’s confidential document. This time, he stole the company’s script – you guys believe me this time?”

Liang Mei Xuan said, “Dad, mom, this matter is very serious. You guys shouldn’t be so soft-hearted again. You must deal with this very seriously. Otherwise, what would outsiders think about the Ye family?”

Ye Hong Wei looked at his wife next to him and his eyes were filled with utter disappointment…

Could it be that the only grandson of the Ye family was beyond redemption…?

With the setup of a top-notch audio system, lights and grand media, Ye Mu Fan publicized various aspects of the company then introduced the movie they were going to shoot. He also announced some news about them starting the shoot the next day…

The reporters Ye Yiyi bribed beforehand obviously couldn’t sit still.

“Mr. Ye Mu Fan, please get straight to the point and stop changing the subject.”

“Exactly. We just want to know one thing – whether the company was involved in stealing and whether you’re continuing to take advantage of others even when you guys are aware of the infringement! How are you planning to deal with this?”

One of the fatter reporters exclaimed sternly, “Mr. Ye Mu Fan, please don’t evade responsibility. Since you’re guilty, you should apologize publicly and make reparations then stop the shoot immediately. You should also be suspended of your duties and reflect on your mistakes. Actually, I think there’s no point of having such an irresponsible company – it might lead the entire industry astray and become a tumor to the entertainment industry!”

Ye Mu Fan nodded. “This reporter here – I fully agree with what you said.”

Ye Mu Fan swept his gaze across everyone and his expression gradually changed. After some time, he finally said, “I spoke so much just now to prove one point – this company is the blood, sweat and tears of my friends and I. We love and treasure it more than anyone else and would never do something that violated the regulations of the industry!”

“Teacher Tan Zhen Xin really wanted me to provide an explanation for this incident, so right now, I hope teacher Tan will provide me with an explanation!”

Tan Zhen Xin laughed fearlessly. “Oh? What does young master Ye want me to explain? Please go ahead and ask.”

Ye Mu Fan asked casually, “Teacher Tan Zhen Xin, you mentioned you completed ‘The Age of Love’ three months ago, right?”

Tan Zhen Xin: “That’s right.”

Ye Mu Fan: “Are you sure? Who can prove that?”

Tan Zhen Xin sneered, “My records, emails and the time I registered it can prove it. I also discussed the relevant storyline with Miss Ye Yiyi previously – she can testify to that.”

In order to validate his words, Tan Zhen Xin even pulled Ye Yiyi into it.

When Ye Mu Fan realized the pit he dug dragged more than one person down, he was finally satisfied and continued. “Good, you claim this work belongs to you and you completed it in three months. Then, I’d like to know…”

“On the big screen behind me… why is there a piece of work that has the same exact content as ‘The Age of Love’ and was completed half a year ago, huh?”

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