Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 934 - Shouldn't air one's dirty laundry in public

Chapter 934: Shouldn’t air one’s dirty laundry in public

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“This…” Ye Mu Fan looked as if he was in a difficult situation. “Teacher Tan, let’s talk about it in private, alright?”

Tan Zhen Xin sneered, “Since you insist on avoiding the problem, I’ll have to get chairman Ye to seek justice for me.”

Ye Hong Wei had just changed his opinion on this grandson of his, so when he witnessed this situation, his expression was complex. “Mu Fan, what’s the misunderstanding? Just tell us directly.”

He obviously hoped it was a misunderstanding, but if it wasn’t, Mu Fan’s wrongdoings and avoidance of the issue would really let him down…

Ye Mu Fan looked at the two elders and pleaded, “Grandpa, grandma, please believe me this time and let me deal with this privately… after all… we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in public. It’ll get really ugly if it becomes big…”

Before the two elders could speak, Liang Mei Xuan sighed softly. “So even you understand that we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in public, huh? Then why do you keep doing such despicable acts?”

“Don’t you know who you’ll embarrass in the end by doing that? It’s the Ye family; it’s your grandpa and grandma!”

“With so many friends and media here today, if your grandma and grandpa allowed you to cover it up, our Ye family and Emperor Sky entertainment wouldn’t be able to face the public in the future. What would others think about our company if we cover up and hide our shortcomings?”

Ye Shao An echoed righteously as well, “Dad, mom, as the general manager, I think we should at least have an answer for the public since the issue’s already been made public. This is for the sake of the company’s image. This isn’t just a family affair – this is about the company. We should obviously make things clear! No matter who it is, nobody should receive any special treatment!”

Upon hearing Tan Zhen Xin and Ye Shao An’s words, a subtle smile appeared on Ye Mu Fan’s lips.

Tsk, little sis is simply amazing. These people actually acted according to her expectations and couldn’t wait to jump into the pit we dug for them. I was being the nice guy to try to stop this matter from blowing up, but in the end, I couldn’t stop them at all…

Wanwan wanted Ye Mu Fan to intentionally stop talking to allow grandpa and grandma to see it for themselves – he tried so hard and cared about preserving face for the Ye family. Too bad – some people just didn’t care for it.

Alas, Ye Mu Fan was “forced” and didn’t have any other choice. He said helplessly, “Alright, I’ll need to borrow some equipment for a while…”

“Do whatever you need.” Ye Shao An looked at him, calm and unruffled.

Ye Mu Fan strode over to the stage.

Seeing as Ye Mu Fan was forced to go up, Ye Yiyi even asked cautiously, “Teacher Tan, are you sure Xu Lin didn’t have any evidence on his side?”

Tan Zhen Xin was very confident. “Don’t worry about it. Unless someone managed to write the exact same script, whatever Ye Mu Fan say will be useless!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Yiyi was at ease.

If that was the case, she didn’t have to worry about any future consequences.

On stage, after Ye Mu Fan went up, he started instructing the crew members to adjust the camera, sound system, and big screen.

Although Ye Yiyi was upset, she could only allow the crew members to cooperate with him.

After everything was in place, Ye Mu Fan finally spoke up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all our reporter friends, good evening. First and foremost, let me introduce myself – I am one of the founders of Age of the Immortals media, Ye Mu Fan. Since the creation of Age of the Immortals media… we’ve had Han Xian Yu, Luo Chen, and Gong Xu working under us…”

“As for our next steps, we’re mainly preparing to shoot a movie titled ‘Life and Death Struggle.’ The main lead of this movie is… and it’s about…”

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