Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 933 - Courting death

Chapter 933: Courting death

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“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

All the reporters were confused.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan sneezed and was sitting on a high chair nearby. She rested her chin on her hand and was swirling a glass of strawberry juice in boredom.

Tonight, the Age of the Immortals press conference would start…

If this was before, she would’ve been somewhat worried about Ye Mu Fan and stayed by his side. But now, she just had to watch him perform silently.

Ye Mu Fan took a glance at Tan Zhen Xin’s phone.

It was a post on Age of the Immortals’ Weibo announcing that they would be shooting “A Life and Death Struggle.”

Faced with Tan Zhen Xin’s aggressive interrogation, Ye Mu Fan raised his brows and said indifferently, “Explain? I wonder what teacher Tan wants me to explain?”

Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi looked at one another and revealed mocking scowls.Does he really think everything will be fine if he pretends not to know anything?

They had already dug all the traps, so he had no choice but to fall into them!

Tan Zhen Xin looked at all the media outlets present then shouted, “Everybody, tonight is Emperor Sky’s 20th-anniversary and the announcement of ‘The Age of Love.’ At first, I didn’t want anything to ruin the atmosphere, but some people here are such big bullies and are simply too shameless!”

He then looked at Ye Mu Fan with frustration. “Young master Ye, I contacted your company two days ago and told Xu Lin that the script for ‘Life and Death Struggle’ was stolen from ‘The Age of Love.’ I hoped the company would provide an explanation.”

“I thought young master Ye would definitely deal with this fairly. Who knew that not only did you not stop Xu Lin, but you quickly announced the start of filming even when you knew this work was stolen by Xu Lin!”

Tan Zhen Xin’s words immediately caused an uproar and all the cameras were pointed in Ye Mu Fan’s direction.

“Damn! What did Tan Zhen Xin just say? Ye Mu Fan stole the script and even when the other party came knocking on his door, he didn’t deal with it and allowed filming to begin?”

“I just read the post on the Age of the Immortals’ Weibo – teacher Tan was right. They did announce they would begin shooting tomorrow! This is really quite ridiculous, huh…”

“It’s probably because his grandpa is the chairman that he’s fearless, right!”

“No wonder chairman Ye actually chased him out of the family before; this is absurd. Does he know how to manage things at all? Wouldn’t the company go bust if it landed in his hands…”

Watching this chaos, Ye Hong Wei’s face darkened. “Mu Fan, what exactly is going on? Was what he said true?”

Ye Mu Fan was silent for a moment. It seemed like a painful topic to him. “Grandpa, what teacher Tan said was true.”

Upon hearing what Ye Mu Fan said, everyone looked at him with even more disdain.

Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi looked like they expected this to happen. There was no way he could deny this incident.

Ye Mu Fan continued, “However, there’s a misunderstanding on this matter. Grandpa, when we go back, I’ll explain things more clearly. Is that alright? After all, it’s a joyous occasion today for Emperor Sky and I don’t want this incident to ruin the mood.”

Ye Mu Fan wanted to settle this matter privately, but obviously, someone didn’t want to let him off.

Tan Zhen Xin said sternly, “Misunderstanding? Since you said it was a misunderstanding, why don’t you make yourself clear right now!”

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