Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 932 - A reasonable explanation

Chapter 932: A reasonable explanation

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On stage, after the enthusiastic host was done with his opening speech, he handed the stage over to the chairman, Ye Hong Wei.

After Ye Hong Wei, the president of Ye Group and Emperor Sky Entertainment, Ye Shao An, went up on stage. Standing next to him was the elegant director of talent recruitment, Ye Yiyi.

In the audience, a few elders from Emperor Sky couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Ay, life is truly full of ups and downs. Three years ago, the person standing there was Ye Shao Ting, but in just the blink of an eye, all the newcomers in the company don’t even have a clue who Ye Shao Ting is – they only know of Ye Shao An and big missy, Ye Yiyi…”

“Exactly, the chairman doesn’t allow Ye Shao Ting through the Ye family’s door or company; he didn’t even allow him to attend such an important occasion and only his son, Ye Mu Fan, was allowed!”

“But judging by the chairman and madam’s attitudes toward Ye Mu Fan, it’s quite hard to say who’ll get their inheritance!”

“You’re too naive. How could that idiot compete with the father-and-daughter duo? The best outcome from this is simply allowing him to return home and giving him a bit of money. He wants to be involved in the company? That’s just a pipe dream…”

“That’s true…”

It was very clear that nobody in Emperor Sky Entertainment had any regard for Ye Mu Fan, but since they noticed the two elders changed their attitudes towards him, they exchanged conventional greetings to give the chairman some face.

The entire anniversary celebration had a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

When it was approaching the end, a media interview segment came up.

Various well-known media outlets clustered around Ye Hong Wei, Ye Shao An, and Ye Yiyi in an orderly manner as they posed questions.

Aside from a couple higher-ups, there was also director Liao Xian Feng; gold-medal screenwriter, Tan Zhen Xin; and a male and female lead.

Ye Yiyi stood before a dozen microphones and said to the various media, “I’ll take this chance to share a piece of good news with all of you – Tan Zhen Xin’s latest work, ‘The Age of Love,’ will begin filming. I hope everyone will lend us your support…”

When the media heard that, they all stepped forward to congratulate her.

“Many people will be eager to watch it – teacher Tan is setting the bar higher and higher. His ideas are new and original, and every story is moving. I wonder where teacher Tan got his inspiration for this show, ‘The Age of Love,’ and what sort of surprise he’s going to bring us?”

“I just finished this script three months ago. In order to complete this work…”

Tan Zhen Xin already knew what the reporters would ask, so he started talking about his writing process and the challenges he faced. His motive was very clear – he wanted to leave a lasting first impression on the media so they’d believe he was the original owner of this work.

As expected, the reporters were filled with admiration and showered him with compliments after they heard this.

Tan Zhen Xin didn’t forget to bootlick. He glanced at Ye Yiyi and said, “Everyone’s too kind. It’s all thanks to Miss Ye Yiyi’s recognition of my worth that allowed me to display my talents…”

Tan Zhen Xin was midspeech when his phone started ringing all of a sudden.

Tan Zhen Xin tapped his phone, displeased then his face changed immediately before the media. He yelled angrily, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!”

Seeing Tan Zhen Xin in a fury, the reporters looked at each other with confusion.

“Uh, teacher Tan, what happened?”

Tan Zhen Xin looked like he lost his senses. He walked in Ye Mu Fan’s direction and held up his phone up to Ye Mu Fan’s face. “Great young master Ye! Please give me a reasonable explanation!”

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