Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 931 - Hen-pecked brother

Chapter 931: Hen-pecked brother

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Soon, the first dance ended.

Everyone present was from the entertainment industry and they all knew exactly how to weigh people’s words and make observations. Very soon, a beautiful woman walked towards Ye Mu Fan.

“Mr. Ye, would you like to dance?”

Ye Mu Fan took a glance at her and his eyes lit up instantly.

The artists present were all A-listers and higher in Emperor Sky, such as this woman before him. She was a newly promoted A-lister blossoming flower – she went the sexy route and was the goddess of many men.

Tsk, this chick isn’t bad, huh. Even with my fussiness and high standards, she could score an eight…

Ye Mu Fan replied without hesitation, “Of course…”

When Ye Wanwan noticed this situation, she took a sip of her drink and gave Ye Mu Fan side eye.

Ye Mu Fan felt a chill go down his spine; the words that had already reached his lips immediately turned back. *cough* “Of course it’d be an honor, but I’m really sorry. I’ve been busy these few days and I’m not in good shape, I’m afraid I might offend Miss Yin!”

Ever since Shen Meng Qi’s scandal was revealed, Ye Wanwan was mostly worried he would revert back to his old ways as a flirtatious wastrel. So, he was given an order and wasn’t allowed to indulge in drinking and sensual pleasures. Most importantly, he wasn’t allowed to have relations with any female artists.

The Age of Immortals didn’t have any female artists so he was quite well-behaved, but if he was in Emperor Sky. Wouldn’t that be like having a wolf in a pack of sheep? Therefore, Ye Wanwan had to keep a close eye on him.

“I see… maybe we’ll have a chance next time!” The beauty obviously knew Ye Mu Fan was turning her down tactfully and had no choice but to leave. At the same time, there was a hint of doubt in her eyes.

There were still a number of people who went up to him like the beautiful woman to strike up a conversation, but they were all rejected by Ye Mu Fan as he stayed by Tan Yi Lan’s side throughout.

That night, Ye Mu Fan had many eyes on him and they were surprised with what happened.

Did Ye Mu Fan the playboy undergo a sex change?

Tan Yi Lan was observing her grandson the whole time and seeing as he wasn’t even playful or flirting around that night, she was obviously very pleased and she said gently, “It’s normal for young people to socialize. You don’t have to stay by my side all the time.”

Ye Mu Fan replied obediently, “I can socialize anytime, but I don’t get to spend a lot of time with grandma usually…”

Tan Yi Lan’s heart softened when she heard that. “Oh you, didn’t I tell you before – you can always come home anytime when you’re free or did someone make you mad again?”

Thinking back on that incident at the old residence, Tan Yi Lan’s gaze turned colder as she looked at Liang Mei Xuan. She said, “Mu Fan, this is also your house. Grandpa and grandma aren’t dead yet – nobody would dare to deny you from coming home!”

When Liang Mei Xuan heard that, she was fuming mad but she could only echo along, “Mom is right. Mu Fan, you and Wanwan shouldn’t only care about working, the two of you should come home more often to visit…”

Darn it! Indeed, it’s all because we’re blood-related, right? Furthermore, Ye Mu Fan is the son of the first wife and their only grandson – as expected, he’s not so easy to get rid of!

This can’t be happening! I fought so hard to get the Ye family in my hands. How could I simply allow Liang Mei Xuan’s family to snatch it away…

Liang Mei Xuan winked at Ye Yiyi discreetly.

Ye Yiyi said softly, “Grandma, the reporters are ready. Shall we begin now?”

Tan Yi Lan nodded. “Sure, let’s begin!”

Soon, the anniversary celebration started and the invited media made their way in.

The superstars walked on the red carpet one after another and entered the venue. The place was dazzling. The common belief that the Ye family occupied and controlled half of the entertainment industry wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

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