Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 930 - Restoring the previous regime?

Chapter 930: Restoring the previous regime?

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On that very night at the international convention and exhibition center:

Stars were shining at the venue. The mega stars who always had a myriad of fans surrounding them were all trying to find a chance to be around Ye Yiyi at that moment.

Ye Shao An was the current chairman of the Ye Group and Ye Yiyi was his one and only beloved daughter. As the future successor of Emperor Sky entertainment and even the entire Ye Group, she was naturally the target everyone wanted to curry favor with.

Tan Yi Lan, who was entertaining guests at this moment, excused herself and walked over to Ye Yiyi. “Yiyi, did you tell Mu Fan?”

Ye Yiyi smiled sweetly. “Grandma, I already told him and Mu Fan said he’ll be coming.”

“En, good.” Tan Yi Lan nodded.

Lately, she noticed that Mu Fan had indeed been making progress – not only was he becoming more outstanding in the design industry, but he also started his own company and the artists he signed were pretty good, so she started to view him differently.

Even Ye Hong Wei had relented and suggested inviting the siblings, Mu Fan, and Wanwan, over for the company’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

This decision of Ye Hong Wei’s was no small matter.

This meant he was starting to reconsider Ye Mu Fan as his successor.

How could Ye Yiyi and Liang Mei Xuan not know what the two elders were thinking?

The two elders’ attitudes were too obvious!

Just as they were talking, Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan handed over their invitations and entered the venue.


Once he saw Tan Yi Lan, Ye Mu Fan hurriedly called out to her warmly and exclaimed, “Grandma, you’re simply too beautiful tonight. When I saw you from afar, I thought you were an angel who fell from heaven!”

Tan Yi Lan was bursting with joy. “This child only knows how to talk nonsense!”

Ye Wanwan immediately raised her hand and chimed in innocently, “Ge-ge is telling the truth, I can testify to that!”

Tan Yi Lan looked at them and pretended to be annoyed. “Did the two of you smear honey over your mouths, huh?”

Mellifluous music started playing at the venue and the first dance segment began.

Ye Mu Fan bowed like a gentleman and extended his hand. “The most beautiful lady tonight, Ms. Tan Yi Lan, may I have the pleasure of dancing with you?”

Tan Yi Lan readily agreed and the two of them slowly made their way towards the dance floor.

Thunderous applause resounded in the place then there were whispers everywhere.

“Aiya, isn’t that the great young master of the Ye family, Ye Mu Fan? He actually came back? Didn’t they say he was incapable and was chased out of the family?”

“I heard he’s been pretty good lately and the chairman already allowed him to attend an occasion like this. But I’m afraid that… you know!”

“Seems like this Ye family… is about to have their previous regime restored…”

Liang Mei Xuan gritted her teeth in anger as she listened to the gossip around her.

“The old master and madam are obviously biased towards this precious grandson of theirs!”

Ye Yiyi said indifferently, “Ye Mu Fan is always showing off with his clever talk. It’s not like you don’t know that, mom.”

Liang Mei Xuan scoffed coldly, “Hng, he only has that glib tongue and is as dumb as a pig – he actually gave us the bargaining chip himself!”

In the past, Ye Mu Fan was just a nobody at home but only a few people in the industry knew about it. But things are different now.

Liang Mei Xuan wanted to see whether the old master and madam would still give him another chance when he embarrassed them tonight in front of all the guests and media…

Ye Mu Fan, your last hour is coming and you still have no idea at all – we shall see how long you can remain so pleased.

With that thought, Liang Mei Xuan was in a better mood. “Yiyi, remember to give out more red pockets to the media so they’ll ‘entertain’ our great young master Ye tonight!”

“Mom, I know what to do. Everything is in order.”

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