Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 941 - Master, help!

Chapter 941: Master, help!

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“Uh, what’s Scarlet Flames Academy?” Jiaojiao stared at the golden words on the cover and mumbled with confusion.

Old Jiang’s face was serious and he muttered, “Jiaojiao, you’re still young and might not know about this. If I remember correctly, Scarlet Flames Academy is one of the top three mercenary academies in the world and Tang Long came from there. Only A-rank mercenaries and higher can make it through with the monstrous training there…”

Song Qiang gulped. “You’re… you’re kidding, right?! Three months… how are we going to do it…”

On the sofa, Nie Tang Xiao said expressionlessly, “This is just the beginner level. It’s not at expert level training yet.”

Tang Bin’s face was covered with fear. “Beginner… beginner level is quite scary too, okay…”

With their standards, they might not even be able to pass the entrance test.

Reaching this standard within three months was simply asking for their lives!

At that moment, a pair of footsteps appeared at the door.

“I’m back! Please help me carry some stuff!”

Once they saw that Ye Wanwan had returned, it was as if they had seen an angel as they happily flew over to their master like little birds and quickly helped her carry her shopping bags. Some brought slippers to her while others even brought fruits to her…

“Master, you’re back!”

“Master, it’s been hard on you!”

“Master, welcome home!”

Ye Wanwan was confused. Why are they acting so warm today?

Ye Wanwan didn’t think much about it and asked about Nie Tang Xiao immediately. “Was Tangtang alright today? Was he afraid or uncomfortable being by himself?”

The five of them went silent for three seconds then shook their heads at the same time. “No… no…”

“Really?” Ye Wanwan felt uneasy and asked again.

The five people nodded. “Really! We’re absolutely sure!”

They were the ones who were… afraid and uncomfortable okay…

Ye Wanwan changed into her slippers and entered the living room.

“Tangtang, I’m back!”

The little fella immediately put down the objects in his hands and walked over to Ye Wanwan. He stood in front of her and lifted his little head to look at her with sparkling eyes. “Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan’s heart was shaken instantly by the little boy’s adorable gaze. She tousled his hair gently. “Tangtang, were you a good boy at home today?”

The little fella acted like a furry little animal. He squinted his eyes and rubbed his head against his mother’s warm hands and nodded firmly. “En!”

Ye Wanwan’s heart softened when she saw how the little fella was much more intimate with her today compared to yesterday, when he wasn’t used to her yet.

Is it really because familial ties run in the blood…

Ah, no way!

How could I forget I’m not his biological mother again, huh!

At the door, the group of five stared at the obedient little white bunny in front of Ye Wanwan. “…”

“Sorry mommy was late!”

Ye Wanwan spoke while she looked at the black booklet on the coffee table with the words “Scarlet Flames Academy.” “What’s this?”

Little boy replied: “Homework.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Oh it’s homework! Tangtang, you’re so hardworking! Do you need mommy’s help?”

The little boy looked at the five people at the door and said, “No need, mommy. You must be tired after work. Ge ge and jie jie will teach me!”

Ye Wanwan was very moved. “Alright, Tangtang is so sweet!”

The suffering group of five: “…”

Master, save us…

This is homework indeed! But it’s homework for the five of us!

Too bad our master can’t hear our calls for help and is taking the little white bunny upstairs.

“Tangtang, come over. I bought you some really cute pajamas! Mommy will help you try them on. See if you like them!”

“Alright, mommy!”

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