Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 914 - Who exactly are they?

Chapter 914: Who exactly are they?

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“Vice-captain Guo, quick, finish them!” Si Ming Li’s confidant sneered.

“Hehe, don’t worry. They’re just a couple of nobodies,” Guo Di mocked.


Guo Di charged forward towards the lean man in a flash with his sword held horizontally like he wanted to slice the lean man in half.

However, just as Guo Di’s sword touched his target, the lean man moved to the left and dodged Guo Di’s attack within a split second.

“Son of a b*tch, you’re pretty lucky, huh!” Guo Di sneered. He exerted all the strength he had and the sword sliced the air, breaking the silence.

The lean man was expressionless and there was a tinge of boredom in his eyes.

Right at that moment, the lean man finally raised one of his hands that was behind his back.


The sound of gold chains interlocking echoed throughout the place.

At this moment, everyone present stood rooted to the ground, especially the long-haired man and bearded man. Their eyes constricted and they both had a look of disbelief.

Even Ye Wanwan couldn’t help exhibiting a subtle change in her expression.

Everyone witnessed how that lean man actually only used two fingers to block the sword Guo Di was trying to slice him with.

“This…” Guo Di was in disbelief as he looked at the lean man, who looked completely indifferent. Guo Di looked like he had just seen a ghost.

This lean man actually used his fingers to block the sword he had used all his strength to slash him with?!

According to the norm, shouldn’t the lean man’s fingers have been instantly sliced off by his sword?!

“IMPOSSIBLE!!” Guo Di bellowed and went all-out, trying to retract his sword from the lean man’s fingers.

However, the lean man’s fingers were like a huge mountain. He kept holding onto the sword – even when Guo Di used all his strength, the sword remained wedged between his fingers without budging at all!


In the next second, nobody saw what the lean man did exactly, but he seemed to have turned his wrist and the sword was seized by him. Before Guo Di could return to his senses, the lean man already had the sword in his hands and simply ran it across both of Guo Di’s arms.

After that, the lean man didn’t even turn his head as he strode over to the little boy’s side.

“AH—” Accompanied by a blood-curdling screech, both of Guo Di’s arms were sliced off just like that.

This bloody scene left everyone at the scene dumbfounded…

“AHHHHH…” Guo Di rolled on the floor in pain.

This is impossible! Impossible!

Even with his skills, both his arms were simply chopped off by this person within three moves!

Guo Di rolled on the ground and looked at the cold-blooded lean man. Suddenly, a sense of fear he had never felt before crept up. “You… you… who exactly are you?!”

Si Ming Li and Si Yi Qian on the video call also had the same question as Guo Di.

“Just what is going on here?!” Si Ming Li was stunned.

Even someone like Guo Di was tortured like that by this person; what kind of terrifying power did the little boy’s backer have?

It might be possible that… he was even more powerful than Mr. Eric…

This thought made him extremely anxious!

Si Yi Qian forced himself to maintain his composure. “That’s impossible. There are only two families with the surname Nie in Imperial City – one of them is in the eastern city and they are in the real estate business, while the other is…”

Tang Long glanced at the two of them plainly. He revealed a look of pity like he was looking at two ignorant ants and said softly, “This child’s ‘Nie’ family is the one and only Nie clan on a stand-alone island in Northern Europe.”

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