Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 915 - The little crown prince of the Nie clan

Chapter 915: The little crown prince of the Nie clan

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The moment Tang Long said that, Guo Di, who was lying in a pool of blood and wailing in pain, was completely stunned to the point where he almost forgot his pain. He looked at the little boy’s face like he had seen something extremely horrifying…

“Nie… Nie family… the Nie clan on the stand-alone island… then this child is…”

Tang Long chuckled. “Vice-captain Guo, what do you think?”

Guo Di was in a daze. He mumbled in an almost-imperceptible voice, “The little crown prince… of the Nie family…”

It wasn’t only Guo Di – even those mercenaries standing by the side were so scared that their faces turned pale.

There was dead silence in the air.

At that moment, Guo Di, who was still rolling on the floor a moment ago, suddenly stood up swiftly and charged at the lean man.

To be precise, he charged towards the sword in his hands—

In the next second, Guo Di placed his neck against the lean man’s sword and moved along the length of the sword. He fell to the floor and there was no breath in him anymore.

Seeing that Guo Di was so terrified that he killed himself with the sword, the other mercenaries didn’t even dare to breathe. Everyone was glad they listened to their captain’s orders and didn’t attack.

Si Ming Li and Si Yi Qian looked at the screen then they looked at each other in disbelief and didn’t say a word.

Northern Europe… stand-alone island… Nie clan…

These six words were like an atomic bomb that caused both of them to be scared out of their wits.

Initially, they didn’t even know what “stand-alone island” meant, much less the Nie clan. They only found out about the stand-alone island through Mr. Eric.

According to Mr. Eric, a long time ago, during the middle ages, there was a highly accomplished martial artist in China who arrived at a faraway island in Northern Europe.

The martial artist settled down on that small island and brought over the mysterious ancient Chinese martial arts culture which attracted many martial arts experts from all over the world.

After more than a hundred years of development and changes, the faraway little island gradually became prosperous and strong. It came under the control of a few formidable family clans.

However, following the invention of firearms, weapons, and ammunition, the age of cold weapons slowly withdrew from the limelight and the martial arts culture declined. In order to protect themselves, the stand-alone island went under the radar and concealed their strength as they gradually vanished from the public eye.

But even though their numbers had greatly reduced, the stand-alone island was still extremely strong and they controlled the economies of various parts of the world, such as the mercenary guild, martial arts union and other important powers.

Whether it was the world’s top mercenary or someone from the so-called capable and influential aristocratic families, they might be worth nothing at all when dropped on that stand-alone island.

Any hidden family or ancient aristocratic family on the stand-alone island was extremely powerful compared to anyone from the outside world.

The stand-alone island was currently controlled by four family clans, namely the Nie, Ji, Ling, and Shen family. The “Nie” family was the leader of the four great family clans – it was evident how scary the Nie clan was…

And right now, they had actually… kidnapped the little crown prince of that Nie family…

The person who tried to kidnap the little crown prince before had his entire family clan exterminated in the end…

Looking at Si Ming Li and Si Yi Qian’s pale faces, Tang Long revealed a look of sympathy and said, “Considering that this was the first time we worked together, I’ll give the two of you a word of advice – leave China as soon as possible.”

Tsk, an ignorant person is truly fearless…

Those two people had been working behind the scenes from the beginning and hadn’t revealed their faces at all, but if the Nie clan wanted to look for them, it would be a piece of cake.

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