Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 913 - I'll accept this mission

Chapter 913: I'll accept this mission



Si Mingli, Si Yi Qian, the hired thug and all the mercenaries at the scene didn't expect that someone would actually barge in.

Even Ye Wanwan was dumbstruck. As she listened to how those two men in black shirts were greeting the little boy respectfully as their "young master," she was even more surprised.

"What are all of you standing there for? Seize them!" Si Mingli yelled.

Damn it, how was it possible for them to barge in? He looked at the intruders for a long time and realized that there were only two people!

They probably took advantage of a loophole in the guards' defense! Is this how my guards do their jobs, huh? They only know how to enjoy free meals!

Tang Long looked at those two people treating the little boy with great respect and ordered sternly, "Members of Noise of Dragons mercenary group, listen up - none of you are allowed to attack."

When the mercenaries, who were about to attack, heard their captain's orders, they immediately stopped what they were doing.

"Mr. Tang, what do you mean by this?" Si Yi Qian said in an unfriendly tone.

Tang Long responded casually, "Nothing much. In order to ensure the safety of our mercenaries, we will try our best to complete the mission, but at the same time, we won't make sacrifices for nothing. Furthermore, this matter is no longer within the scope of our mission."

"Not within the scope? I'll issue this task right now then. Kill all these people right now and I'll pay twice the agreed price for this mission!"

Upon hearing what Si Yi Qian said, the mercenaries' eyes lit up instantly, but they didn't dare to respond due to Tang Long's orders.

Si Yi Qian continued, "Triple!"

The moment he said that, one of the mercenaries, who was wearing a uniform that was a darker color than the rest, stepped forward. "I'll accept this mission!"

The other mercenaries were stunned. "Vice-captain… captain said we're not allowed to attack…"

Tang Long's face darkened. "Guo Di, you're not allowed to take it."

The vice-captain of the Noise of Dragons sneered and looked towards Tang Long on the video call. "Captain Tang, you're no doubt the captain of Noise of Dragons, but I am the vice-captain and as the vice-captain, I have the authority to choose my own missions. You have no power to interfere."

Tang Long narrowed his eyes. "If you insist on taking this mission, you'll be responsible for the consequences."

Guo Di said scornfully, "Consequences? What kind of consequences would there be for dealing with a kid and two servants? Captain, are you trying to interfere with my freedom?"

Tang Long smiled faintly and suddenly recovered his elegant and calm expression. "That's right. It is indeed your choice to take on any missions. Do as you please, then."

As the captain, it was his responsibility to remind him and he had already done that.

Guo Di scoffed then glanced at the hired thug who was sent flying to the wall. What a useless bum!

In the corner, the little boy looked coldly at a guy in a black shirt.

The man got the hint and nodded slightly then the lean man placed both arms behind his back and slowly made his way towards Guo Di slowly. "Would you like to kill yourself or do you want me to do it?"

"Do you know who you're talking to? I think you're the one who's courting death!" Guo Di became enraged instantly and drew a long, shiny sword somewhere from his body.

Upon seeing this, Si Mingli and Si Yi Qian chuckled.

This vice-captain of the Noise of Dragons was very skilled and was second only to Tang Long.

Ye Wanwan's heart was almost at her throat - these mercenaries were top-notch experts. They were even better Tang Bin and the others and as the vice-captain, Guo Di had abilities that were obviously much scarier…

She always thought her own skills were already great, but faced with these people, she realized how weak and small she was…

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