Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 910 - My surname is Nie

Chapter 910: My surname is Nie

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Upon seeing how Ye Wanwan was so indifferent, Si Ming Li scoffed. This woman is still laughing at this point, huh?

“Fourth uncle, you put so much effort and thought into capturing me – this is the third time you sent out mercenaries to look for me, right?” Ye Wanwan said.

Before, it was the C-rank mercenaries; she didn’t even have to think to know it was Si Ming Li’s doing. And the first time, she was only able to escape thanks to help from that white-haired man.

“The third time?” When he heard what Ye Wanwan said, Si Ming Li was stunned.

Including the C-rank mercenaries he hired last time, that was only twice – when was the third time?

“I’m afraid I’ve only tried to capture you twice. You probably offended someone else and had another encounter – that wasn’t my doing.” Si Ming Li sneered.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. As expected.

What she said just now was merely to test Si Ming Li – since she was already in his hands, he had no reason to lie.

Her guess was right – when she was saved by the white-haired man before, Si Ming Li definitely wasn’t involved.

Now that she eliminated one suspect, who could the mastermind be…

“Oh right, how are we going to deal with this child who appeared near the Little house of Rose?”

“Just kill the child,” Si Ming Li replied without hesitation.

“Kill him?”

Upon hearing that, the few mercenaries were stunned.

They had never killed a child before and the boy was merely four to five years old…

At that moment, Si Yi Qian strode over slowly to the camera and looked at the little boy in the cell. He laughed. “Everyone knows we can’t have such incidents leaking out; it’s best if we just deal with it once and for all. If anything goes wrong and the mission fails, none of you will get a single cent.”

“Alright then.”

The mercenaries nodded, took out a dagger on the spot and unlocked the cell.

“Stop! Your target is me. It has nothing to do with this kid and I don’t know him at all – you guys can confirm this fact yourselves!” Ye Wanwan’s eyes turned dark immediately as she secretly tried to escape from the rope around her wrists.

She only just found out from what those people said that they hadn’t captured this child intentionally. It was only because he was in the vicinity that they took him.

However, before that child could protest, he was already captured.

The little boy’s face was expressionless as he looked plainly at Si Yi Qian in the video call and said, “Reckless and blind.”

When Si Yi Qian heard those three words, he was taken aback. “Little guy, what did you say?”

“All my life, this is the very first time I’ve met someone declaring so brazenly that he wants to kill me,” the little boy said, making sure every word was heard.

When they heard that, Tang Bin and Song Qiang, who were both wondering whether their backer was about to collapse, had strange looks on their faces.Did this kid watch too many shows? Does he think this is a game?

Si Yi Qian laughed and shook his head – this was his first time meeting such an interesting kid.

“Do it,” Si Yi Qian ordered – he couldn’t be bothered to continue talking nonsense with this kid.

However, at the moment, a strange, icy smirk appeared on the little boy’s face. “Before you guys do anything… my last name is Nie.”


Having heard what the little boy said, everyone was puzzled –  what does he mean by that?

Ye Wanwan, who was secretly trying to break free from the rope, showed a subtle change in her expression. Nie…

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