Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 911 - So what if his surname is Nie?

Chapter 911: So what if his surname is Nie?

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The mercenaries looked at one another, confused. So what if his surname is Nie?

“Do you guys have any humanity – how could you kill a child?! You guys have no conscience, huh!” the long-haired man shouted coldly at the mercenaries.

At the moment, although the few mercenaries didn’t reply, they felt quite conflicted that they had to lay hands on a four to five-year-old, whether it was part of their mission or not.

Then one of the mercenaries turned to Si Ming Li in the video and said, “Mr. Si, let us speak to our captain first.”

“What did you say?!”

Si Ming Li was furious. He was the one who issued the mission, so he had the authority to get these mercenaries to act according to his wishes!

“I think we should seek captain Tang Long’s advice,” the mercenary repeated.

“Tang Long just left to answer a call. He isn’t back yet!” Si Ming Li was irritated.

“Then… we’ll wait till captain Tang Long comes back.”

The mercenaries tried to contact Tang Long, but his line was busy.

“Forget it, father. They’ve completed their task. We’ll just get our own people to settle this,” said Si Yi Qian, who was next to Si Ming Li.

When he heard that, Si Ming Li pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement in the end.

Anyway, Ye Wanwan was already in his hands. He could do whatever he wanted and wouldn’t need these mercenaries to interfere.

Si Ming Li immediately made a phone call and within a split second, Si Ming Li’s confidant brought a couple of men in black shirts and rushed into the dungeon.

Seeing this, the mercenaries didn’t have much to say – their mission was to capture the target and bring her back and to kill if she resisted. They had now already brought her back, so from a certain perspective, the mission was completed.

The confidant looked at Si Ming Li in the video call and said, “Master, please advise.”

“Kill the others aside from Ye Wanwan.” The person speaking was Si Yi Qian.

“Even the child?” The confidant looked at the little devil not far off.

“Every single one except for Ye Wanwan,” Si Ming Li said.

“Noted. Don’t worry about it, master!”

The corners of the confidant’s lips curled upwards. His gaze swept past everyone and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Just a few of you nobodies – try touching us if you dare!” The bearded man scoffed.

The long-haired man chimed in: “Master will never let you guys off if you touch us!”

“Haha, I think all of you are asking for it!” Si Ming Li’s confidant laughed. “Master? Are you referring to this woman, huh?”

The bearded man and long-haired man were enraged when they heard that because they still didn’t understand what their master was thinking at this point.

Could it be that the Rose of Death’s capabilities were limited? It took so long for them to finally find a backer eh…

“Hahahaha… let me tell you the truth. The security in this place is three times that of the Si family’s dark chambers. Even a fly can forget about leaving, so there’s no hurry, let’s take it slow. It’ll be your turn very soon. You guys should treasure this time and think about your last words!”

After speaking, the confidant arrogantly turned to his men. “Do it. Deal with this little one first.”

“I’ll f*ck your father!” Seeing that these psychopaths wouldn’t even let a little child go, the bearded man bellowed in anger and a hint of fear appeared in both their eyes.

After they dealt with this child, it would be their turn – was it really the end of the road for them both?

Not only was the security extremely tight there, but the mercenaries present were also top experts and it would be difficult to escape even if they had wings…

Right at that exact moment, Tang Long with the gold-rimmed glasses was back.

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