Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 909 - Too bad I can't have one

Chapter 909: Too bad I can’t have one

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What Ye Wanwan said was heartfelt.

It was pretty weird – this little boy, who was sitting about four to five feet away from her, gave her a feeling of familiarity.

After hearing her answer, the little boy was taken aback. After some time, he pursed his thin lips. “Is that so.”

Ye Wanwan sighed. “But too bad…”

Little boy: “Too bad what?”

Ye Wanwan continued. “Too bad… how could I possibly have such an adorable kid… who are your parents exactly? They’re really great at making kids, huh!”

Little boy: “That might not be the case.”

Ye Wanwan was talking to the little boy when one of the mercenaries in front suddenly yelled at the man in the passenger seat. “What the h*ll are you doing – why did you bring a kid on board?”

The mercenary who captured the child replied, “This kid showed up at the garden all of a sudden. It was a little weird but I thought he might be somehow related to this woman; to prevent any issues from arising, we can just take him with us first.”

The mercenary who shouted furrowed his brows but didn’t argue in the end.

While they were talking, the car was slowly moving towards the suburbs.

After about half an hour, the car stopped and Ye Wanwan and the little boy were brought into a dungeon.

The little boy and Ye Wanwan were locked up together. Tang Bin and Song Qiang were also tied up to a metal pillar by the side.

Ye Wanwan scanned the dungeon and it was quite similar to the Si family’s – it was used for torture and interrogation.

“Where’s the captain?”

One of the mercenaries asked.

“Captain left to meet with the employer and collect our payment… this mission is close to completion, so why would captain stay here?” someone replied.

At the moment, the long-haired man and bearded man looked at Ye Wanwan, who was locked up. They both looked at one another as a tinge of suspicion appeared in their eyes.

“How could that be…”

The bearded man frowned – their master was the Rose of Death, right!

How could the Rose of Death be captured?!

Initially, they thought Tang Long was in deep trouble; their master would be fuming mad for sure and she would rescue them…

However, even their master herself was captured now.

Could it be that this woman wasn’t the Rose of Death at all?

Weren’t they doomed then? And they thought they found themselves an amazing backer! Had they been cheated?

What exactly was going on here…

“How exactly are we going to deal with this child?” A mercenary looked at the little boy locked up in the cell and was at his wit’s end.

After some time, the mercenary gave Tang Long a call to ask for instructions.

At first, Tang Long wanted to let the little devil go, but Si Ming Li refused. If the boy was at the garden of the little house, he must be related to Ye Wanwan somehow.

Both parties started a video call as per Si Ming Li’s request.

Seeing as Ye Wanwan was locked up in the cell, Si Ming Li smiled coldly – this woman was finally in his hands.

“Si Ming Li…? Ye Wanwan looked at the video call and a cold light flashed in her eyes.

When those C-rank mercenaries showed up before, she did guess Si Ming Li was involved, but this time, how did Si Ming Li manage to hire these people with these abilities?

Could it be that… there was something she didn’t know in her previous life – the identity of Si Ming Li’s backer…

She didn’t expect to gain such an important piece of information this time…

“Haha, Ye Wanwan, Miss Ye, our future mistress of the Si household. We meet again,” Si Ming Li said mockingly.

“Fourth uncle, I hope all has been fine since we last met.” Ye Wanwan smiled faintly.

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