Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 903 - Provoked someone you shouldn't have

Chapter 903: Provoked someone you shouldn’t have

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Late at night, at a villa in the suburbs.

Si Ming Li’s face was extremely gloomy. He looked at Si Yi Qian sitting next to him and said, “Some mercenaries have accepted the mission already.”

Upon hearing that, Si Yi Qian laughed, “Father, you don’t have to be so angry about the incident before – it was just an accident.”


Si Ming Li scoffed coldly then turned to his confidant next to him and said, “Check things carefully this time, alright! Don’t make the same mistake like before. You didn’t even know that that woman had mercenaries by her side!”

“I checked very carefully!” Beads of cold sweat formed on his confidant’s forehead and he said carefully, “The people under Ye Wanwan were brought back by her from overseas, but whether she hired them as security guards or for some other reason, we don’t quite understand for now.”

Si Ming Li turned to Si Yi Qian immediately and said, “What do you think – do those mercenaries have anything to do with Si Ye Han?”

“Father, are you trying to say… Si Ye Han hired them to protect that woman?” Si Yi Qian pondered about it for a while before he responded.

“Exactly!” Si Ming Li furrowed his brows. “If that’s true, then that’s enough to prove that Si Ye Han was already wary of us before. Do you think he discovered our plan with Mr. Eric?”

Upon hearing how worried Si Ming Li sounded, Si Yi Qian smiled plainly and shook his head. “Father, that’s quite impossible. With Mr. Eric’s abilities, he would never allow Si Ye Han to notice a thing. Also, even if Si Ye Han found out about it, he shouldn’t have hired a few mercenaries to protect Ye Wanwan – he should’ve tied her up by his side!”

Be that as it may, Si Ming Li still felt uneasy. Although there were no doubts about Mr. Eric’s abilities and methods, Si Ye Han’s methods were formidable as well.

“Father, you don’t need to worry too much. Even if Si Ye Han found out, he would only have a falling out with us. With Mr. Eric in this battle with us, it’s hard to say who’ll win, but I think that victory will be ours.” Si Yi Qian chuckled.

Si Ming Li felt more at ease at the mention of Eric. He actually doubted that person’s methods and abilities… that was really thoughtless of him.

Furthermore, Si Ye Han would never find out that Mr. Eric existed in this world.

“Hng. Si Ye Han, you’ve provoked someone you shouldn’t have. The game has just begun. We’ll play it slowly…” A cold light flashed in Si Ming Li’s eyes as he sneered.

While they were speaking, his confidant turned towards the door and said softly, “They’re here.”

Very soon, a couple of men in black shirts strode into the large hall.

The leading one had grizzled hair, but judging by his appearance, he should only be around 27 or 28 years old. He looked very elegant and had a sinister aura on his face, but it wasn’t the same as those mercenaries.

“Hello, I am Si Ming Li.”

Si Ming Li stepped forward instantly and greeted the man.

“Mr. Si, for this mission, Mr. Eric has issued our orders and I have a rough understanding. Let me introduce myself – I am Tang Long, the captain of Noise of Dragons mercenary group.”

Tang Long extended his right arm and shook Si Ming Li’s hand.

“Haha, so it’s captain Tang Long. I’ve heard about you, and it’s an honor to meet you. Captain Tang Long is so young, yet you’re already at this level. Outstanding… hurry, please come in. Knowing that all of you were coming over tonight, I acted on my own initiative and prepared a little feast. I hope captain Tang Long and the rest of the brothers will do me the honor!” Si Ming Li smiled courteously.

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