Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 904 - Have him wrapped around his fingers

Chapter 904: Have him wrapped around his fingers

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At the dining table, Tang Long looked at Si Ming Li and Si Yi Qian and said politely, “As for the mission this time, we somewhat have an understanding of the situation.”

“Brother Tang Long, you’re talking about the mercenaries protecting that woman?” Si Yi Qian asked.

“Yes.” Tang Long nodded then took out a document, put on gold-rimmed glasses and opened the document. “It’s like this – the target has five people guarding her in total and they’re all professionally trained. The leader is called Old demon Jiang and there are four core members – three males and a female: Song Qiang, Tang Bin, Heidi and Jiaojiao. Among them, Jiaojiao is the most skilled and has killed the highest number of people. She’s also very vicious and ruthless, has the blood of over a hundred lives on her hands and is very cruel.”

Upon hearing that, Si Ming Li and Si Yi Qian examined Jiaojiao’s description in the document then turned to the gentle and refined Tang Long.

Even this guy says the other party is cruel…

He became an A-rank mercenary at such a young age and his value exceeded being just the captain of the Noise of Dragons mercenary group – his reputation was great and there was also the golden reputation of the Noise of Dragons mercenary group.

One should never assume Tang Long’s abilities based on his refined and well-mannered behavior at the moment; he was actually quite ruthless.

However, Si Ming Li had only heard about Tang Long second-hand. He wasn’t sure whether Tang Long’s past achievements were just hearsay or the truth.

“These people belonged to the Kirin mercenary army and while they were in that army, they accepted seven S-rank missions and succeeded in two of them. So, they were only considered A-rank mercenaries. Previously, when they were transporting some goods, they actually betrayed the employer – it could be said that they are notoriously vicious and diabolical. This mission is really not an easy task.”

“Then…” Si Ming Li was somewhat doubtful and wasn’t sure what Tang Long wanted to say.

“Mr. Si, I need an increase of 30% in my pay. If Mr. Si is agreeable, I will carry out this mission this very instant. But if Mr. Si is not agreeable, we’ll just treat it like we’ve made some acquaintances today.” Tang Long closed the document and smiled.

Upon hearing what Tang Long said, Si Ming Li frowned. They had already agreed on the fee earlier, yet this Tang Long didn’t care about the rules at all and actually asked for a raise!

“Haha… sure, brother Tang Long, you’re straightforward indeed. Alright, as long as you complete the mission, I’ll increase your pay by 30%!” Although Si Ming Li wasn’t very pleased about this, he didn’t have a choice.

“Good, since Mr. Si is agreeable, please sign this contract.” Tang Long immediately took out a contract.

Looking at the contract that was already prepared for him, the corners of Si Ming Li’s lips twitched. eems like Tang Long already had me wrapped around his fingers; he even prepared the contract beforehand… 

Si Ming Li’s face darkened slightly then he stood up and signed the contract.

“Mr. Si, really sorry about that. I emphasize great importance in having a contract. After all, verbal confirmation is not as dependable compared to a signed contract.” Tang Long tucked away the contract and chuckled gently.

A contract like this obviously didn’t have any legal significance, but the mercenary trade union agreed that if either party with a signed contract failed to perform his or her contractual duties, the mercenary trade union would come forward to resolve it.


At that moment, Tang Long straightened his top and stood up to leave with his men.

“Brother Tang Long, I want her alive!” Si Ming Li reminded him.

“Alright Mr. Si, I understand.” Tang Long led the way. He didn’t even turn around and immediately left the restaurant.

Little house of Rose:

“Master, master, I invented a new dish today. Try this – Phoenix Tail Fire Prawn. I’m not bragging, but ordinary people would never get to eat this!”

The fatty held up a pot of red, juicy prawns and walked over to Ye Wanwan. Then he removed his apron and placed the prawns on the dining table.

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