Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 902 - My nephew would never be so cute

Chapter 902: My nephew would never be so cute

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“I’m useless! I messed… messed up.”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!” Upon hearing his confidant’s report, Si Ming Li snapped, “Didn’t you say nothing would go wrong? There are only five servants there and you sent three C-rank mercenaries over. How could you mess up?!”

His confidant trembled as he spoke, “There were only five servants in that little house indeed… but those five people were all experts… and… they’re probably mercenaries as well… with a higher rank than those three people…”

“Useless thing! What were you doing before?! You’re only telling me now that those five people are mercenaries?!” Si Ming Li was furious.

His confidant actually didn’t manage to find out such an important piece of information and not only did he fail in completing this task, but he also alerted the enemy. If others found out about it, Si Ming Li would be so embarrassed.

Si Yi Qian’s face darkened. “We were too careless this time. Seems like we can’t underestimate the strength of those five mercenaries. With the number of people we can mobilize at the moment, I’m afraid we’re no match for that woman…”

Si Ming Li raged, “Are we just going to let this go?”

Si Yi Qian thought about it and said, “Of course not! Since we already did it, how could we just give up halfway! Father, since we already shed all pretense of cordiality, there’s nothing we need to worry about anymore. Why don’t you get Mr. Eric to help? See if he can transfer some people over – I think Eric would be very willing to help!”

Si Ming Li’s eyes lit up. “You’re right! There’s nothing to hide now! If Mr. Eric agrees, nothing would go wrong for sure! After all, with our current abilities, we can only hire C-rank mercenaries and under…”

Mercenaries who were above C-rank couldn’t be hired with just money; they also had very stringent qualification checks on the employer.

Darn woman, does she think this is all we got? She thought just a few mercenaries would be enough to protect her?

She’s simply looking at the sky from the bottom of the well… [1]

Victory Grand Hotel:

“Damn… my dog eyes…”

Nameless Nie looked at the little fellow in front of the mirror and was almost mesmerized by his appearance.

He’s simply… too adorable…

He had to admit that although this little ancestor of his had quite a devilish attitude, his beautiful and delicate little face were deceptive – he really wanted to reach out and rub that little face, ahhh!

Nameless Nie went quiet for a long time and meditated before he finally calmed himself down and wouldn’t do anything to court his death.

Little devil: “Uncle.”

Nameless Nie: “Ay, what is it?”

Nameless Nie replied in an instant and even spoke in a much gentler tone without realizing it at all.

This is truly a grievance of the Appearance-Obsessed Party!

Little devil: “You may leave after you take me there.”

Nameless Nie didn’t understand. “Why?”

Little devil: “With your IQ, if you say something wrong, it’ll affect mommy’s first impression of me.”

In other words: Don’t drag me down.

Uncle Nie, who was criticized for dragging his nephew down: “…”

Adorable. my. a**!!!

I knew this nephew could never be so cute!

Little devil paused before he continued, “Are you sure that the girl I saw in the video is my mother?”

“That’s right, that’s right. That’s her. Wh-what’s the matter?” Nameless Nie asked cautiously.

Could it be that the little devil could tell or maybe he wasn’t satisfied and didn’t like her?

Little devil replied indifferently, “Nothing, let’s go.”

Nameless Nie thought it might’ve been his imagination, but after hearing his confirmation, the little devil’s little icy face seemed to have turned much gentler, eh?

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