Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 901 - This is simply a living hell

Chapter 901: This is simply a living hell

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“Swish swish swish!” Following that, there were over ten knives shooting towards him like torrential rain, piercing through his flesh and directly pinning him against the floor; each flying blade was close to cutting his main arteries.

“What do you think? Is this way of dying really cute, huh?” Little Lolita narrowed her eyes and looked at him condescendingly.

“Ah—” The mercenary was stupefied and felt an agonizing pain on every inch of his body. His entire body was pinned to the floor as he wailed miserably.

Blood gushed out from over ten gashes on his body. The air was filled with the stench of blood…

Upon seeing the bloody, tragic outcome of their partner, the other two mercenaries were dumbstruck.

The fatty gulped. “Jiaojiao, don’t make such a big scene eh – the supper I painstakingly prepared for master hasn’t been eaten yet!”

The old housekeeper looked at the floor that had the knives piercing it and furrowed his brows. “Didn’t we agree not to damage the furniture?”

“He spoiled my little bunny – it was given to me by master!” Little Lolita stomped her feet with frustration.

“Ay, who exactly sent these three people… why did they push us into the fire pit like that…”

The five of them crowded around the three badly bruised mercenaries like they were looking at animals.

And the three mercenaries were like little chicks – they were trembling and were completely stunned…

This… where did these people come from?

That man was in so much pain that his body was twitching, but since he was pinned to the floor, he didn’t dare to move at all and could only moan non-stop. Presently, he finally remembered where he had seen these people before…

“You… you guys are…”

The terror in the mercenary’s eyes intensified as he scanned these five people…

They might seem like a messy group, like an old, weak and sickly group of servants, but thinking about it, everything actually all added up.

“You guys are… the people from Kirin mercenary army…” the mercenary said with his last breath.

The faces of the other two mercenaries changed abruptly. “How could that be? Kirin mercenary army would never accept such a lowly mission of protecting a master!”

The bearded man crossed his arms. “Tsk, making a big fuss out of nothing!”

Who cares about the Kirin mercenary army? If they knew the organization we belong to now, that would scare them out of their wits!

“Master, how should we deal with these people?” the fatty asked.


How did they address this woman?


Mercenaries belonged to a mercenary army and only had a client and customer relationship with the bosses they were assigned to; they would never call their employer their master!

This woman actually managed to subdue the top five experts from the Kirin mercenary army…

How’s this possible?!

The three mercenaries saw the fear in each other’s eyes at the same time.

Fire pit… how is this a fire pit… this is simply a living hell!!!

“Master, master, give them to Jiaojiao, alright?” Little Lolita spoke charmingly.

Ye Wanwan glimpsed at the perfect plate of little crayfish in the fatty’s hands; not a single droplet of soup had spilled. She casually waved and said, “Go ahead.”

“No… no…” The three mercenaries were terror-stricken.

It seemed like the long-haired man and bearded man were the most skilled in martial arts among the five of them; they always moved together. But in fact, the most terrifying one was that little girl, who didn’t seem like she was lethal at all.

If anybody landed in her hands, that would be worse than death; furthermore, they had just infuriated her!

“We’re just here for the money; we were hired by someone! We don’t know anything!”

“The employer’s identity must be kept secret and you are all our seniors. You should know how it works too – we’re not lying!”

“Please spare us, senior! Spare us, senior! We have eyes but failed to recognize Mountain Tai! [1]”

After the three people were dragged away by Little Lolita, the remaining few started to clean up the mess.

Everything was as usual in the Little House of Rose, like nothing had happened.

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