Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 900 - People in the same profession

Chapter 900: People in the same profession

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The long-haired man chuckled. “Qiang-ge, of course I heard that!”

The bearded man laughed weirdly. “Hahaha, we thought he was a little thief at first… didn’t expect that… we’d meet someone in the same profession…”

The moment the two words “same profession” were heard…

“AH——” Following the horrifying scream, the mercenary was sent flying out and his entire body knocked into the wall heavily.

“Joe!!!” The other two mercenaries turned pale with fright as they looked at that bearded man with disbelief.

What did this man just say… same profession?

This little bodyguard is actually also a mercenary?

Darn it! We shouldn’t have let our guards down!

Joe clambered up with much difficulty, but the moment he stood up, he was sent flying once again and this went on a countless number of times.

In the huge living room, there were resounding “bangs” came one after the other. It was the sound of his body crashing against the wall.

The leader realized the situation wasn’t in their favor and decided to join the fight. In the end, he just moved his feet when he saw a head of long hair flashing by. That long-haired man was blocking his way.

“Courting death, huh!” The leader howled furiously and waved his fist.


In the next second, the long-haired man used the same technique as the bearded man and sent him flying across the room.

The fatty narrowly dodged the incoming leader and immediately bellowed, “F*ck! The one with the surname Tang! What are you flinging at huh! How dare you hurt my little crayfish – I’m going to fight it out with you!”

“Damn it…” The second mercenary, who was flung across, was in disbelief as he looked at the long-haired man who seemed so gentle and weak.

Well… what’s going on here?

How could this guy be so terrifyingly skilled…

No way! I have to think of a solution!

The leader’s eyes lit up then he charged towards the fat chef in front of him.

In the end, the moment he moved, the fat chef before him actually disappeared without a trace like a spirit…

After some time, a cold and eerie voice rang out from behind him: “Looking for me?”

“Ah—” The leader was scared out of his wits. He instinctively ran towards the exit, but when he reached the door, a kick sent him flying.

The person who kicked him was the one he called “old thing”… the old housekeeper…

Who… who exactly are these people…

How could two C-rank mercenaries be left unable to retaliate at all?!

The mercenary who was grabbing the Little Lolita noticed that the situation was unfavorable and hurriedly let the Little Lolita go and stepped forward to help.

He pushed her away harshly and Little Lolita’s body swung violently; the little pink bunny-shaped necklace around her neck was yanked off and the crystal broke into pieces instantly.

“My… little bunny… master gave it to me…”

Little Lolita stood there in a daze and stared at the necklace on the floor. The innocence and cuteness gradually dissipated from her eyes and turned into a creepy, cold-blooded, murderous stare.

The fatty at the opposite side was so cold that he sneezed. “Aiyaya, this is really bad…”

The bearded man gulped. He even stopped torturing the man.

The mercenary was about to leave, but Little Lolita, who was standing in front of him, grabbed him.

After that, he heard a sweet-sounding voice. “Little ge-ge, where are you going? We’re not done acting in this scene, eh…”

“Get lost!” The mercenary didn’t think much of it and was about to toss her aside, but he realized the girl’s hand was unmoving. “You…”

“You killed my bunny, so you shall use your life to repay me then…”

In the next second, there was a loud “slam.” Her petite figure actually performed a shoulder throw on that tall and muscular man and he crashed to the ground harshly.

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