Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 893 - Give my mother a surprise

Chapter 893: Give my mother a surprise

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Spray of Flowers and the devotee were startled by Nameless Nie’s sudden roar of anger.

“Ha… haha… glad you found him… captain, why do you say that? You can’t call this betraying you – we’re clearly trying to help your family get back together. Captain, have a great bonding session!”

“That’s right, that’s right, captain. We won’t disturb you any further! We’ll hang up first! Goodnight, captain~”

The two of them then hung up without hesitation.

Nameless Nie: “Goodnight your father!”

After yelling, Nameless Nie suddenly realized the air around him had turned colder. Then he saw his little ancestor’s face becoming extremely frosty.

Nameless Nie knew he had completely infuriated the little devil this time – not only did he fail at finding his parents, but he even hid from the devil on purpose.

Nameless Nie: “Big shot, what exactly do you want…”

Little devil: “Have you found my mother?”

Nameless Nie: “…”

Seriously, this line brings tears to my eyes…

Now I even have nightmares at night, dreaming that the demon whispers this exact sentence in my ear!

Seeing that Nameless Nie didn’t respond, the little devil pulled up a video. There was no gentleness in his voice at all as he said, “Uncle, I am sorry.”

When he heard these three words, “I am sorry,” Nameless Nie’s hairs stood on end. He stared at his phone and shouted out loud to stop him. “Don’t don’t don’t! Ancestor! Please give me a chance! Let’s talk this over! Ancestor! Baby! The cutest and most well-behaved baby in the universe!!!”

The little devil’s face didn’t change at all and it didn’t look like there was any room for negotiation. “Uncle, time is up and you’re left with no more chances.”

With that said, his thumb reached for the “send” button.

Seeing that the little devil was about to send that video of him and Spray of Flowers…

“STOP! I found your mom ah——”

Nameless Nie yelled and his voice kept reverberating throughout the empty woods.

“…” The little fellow paused for a moment. Even his little thumb stopped in midair.

Seeing that devil finally stopped what he was about to do, Nameless Nie looked like he was given a new lease on life…

That… scared the h*ll out of me…

If this video was sent out, he might be skinned alive by his parents…

Nobody would believe what he said – they would only believe this little devil!

His status in the family was truly pathetic…

The little fellow kept quiet for a long time then he looked at Nameless Nie firmly with his clear and bright eyes. “Take me to meet my mommy.”

Nameless Nie forced the guilt down and hurriedly said, *cough* “Baby, don’t… don’t be so anxious! Even if you didn’t say it, I was definitely going to take you to see her, but I need a little more time to collude… ah, I mean, I need a little more time to prepare and welcome you, right? Actually, I didn’t want to tell you so I could give you a surprise. Look, now there’s no surprise…”

Little devil: “I don’t need it.”

Nameless Nie racked his brain. “Then… then you have to at least prepare a little, right? Make yourself more presentable to see your mother. From what I know, your mom’s extremely gorgeous! Of course, I don’t mean it in a negative way – you’re so adorable and your mom will definitely love you regardless, but isn’t it good to allow your mom to love you more?”

Little devil nodded. “Sure.”

Nameless Nie was so elated that he was close to tears – the little devil was finally willing to listen to him.

After speaking, the little devil looked at him. “Don’t tell my mother that I’ll be seeing her.”

“Huh? Why?” Nameless Nie didn’t get it and was prepared to collude with Famous Ye in advance – what if something went wrong?

Little devil: “Didn’t you want to make it a surprise? That isn’t a bad idea – I want to give my mother a surprise.”

Nameless Nie: “…!!!”

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