Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 894 - Little life is in your hands

Chapter 894: Little life is in your hands

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Nameless Nie really wanted to kill himself! Why did I even suggest a surprise?!

How would that be a surprise? She’ll be completely scared, alright?

I really dug a grave for myself…

Imperial City, Victory Grand Hotel:

Nameless Nie: “It’s really late. Aren’t you going to bed yet?”

Little devil: “Jet lag.”

Nameless Nie: “Oh…”

Nameless Nie: “Uh, just how many sets of clothing did you bring? Why do your outfits look the same? Just choose one!”

Hurry up and sleep once you’re done choosing! I have to send a secret message to someone okay!

Little devil: “I’m meeting my mom. How could I be careless about it?”

Nameless Nie: “…”

Thanks to his nephew, after sleeping under bridges and streets for so long, Nameless Nie finally slept in a president suite.

However, he really wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it since he was sharing a room with the little devil.

From the time they left Dragon Burial Hill, he had been looking for a chance to send a secret message to Ye Wanwan, but he hadn’t gotten the chance to do so yet.

It was too risky to play tricks right under the little devil’s nose – if he found out and saw through their act, it would be over for them.

In the end, Nameless Nie realized his only choice was to allow Famous Ye to freestyle and act on her own…

Ay, Famous Ye, my little life is in your hands… 

These two days, Ye Wanwan had been entertaining batches after batches of relatives and higher-ups. At nighttime, she could finally rest a little and check the company’s WeChat quickly.

Si Ye Han had just finished showering and he walked out of the bathroom. He laid next to Ye Wanwan and read his documents without bothering her, although his existence was enough to “bother” her already.

[Ye Bai: Sorry, everybody, I’ve been busy due to some personal matters so I couldn’t attend the script meeting.]

[Ye Mu Fan: Don’t worry, I’m looking after the company here! But what have you been busy with, huh?]

She must’ve gone out to play with that wild man…

Ye Wanwan was chatting with Ye Mu Fan and Han Xian Yu about work when Gong Xu messaged her privately all of a sudden.

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, Ye-ge, Ye-ge, ha! You’re finally back! I’m going to die holding this in! There’s some juicy gossip! Extremely juicy eh!]

[Ye Bai: What gossip? Are you coming out of the closet or is megastar Xie about to get married?]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, why do you talk exactly like Felix, huh! I’m not coming out of the closet and neither is megastar Xie about to get married – it’s about Si Ye Han! That legendary Si family’s master, Si Ye Han, died from an illness a few days ago. Did you know?]

Ye Wanwan looked at the private chat with Gong Xu then glanced at Si Ye Han, who just came out of the shower with his hair still damp and wearing pajamas. Then she decided to send Gong Xu an emoji that read: Dragging a 40-meter-long knife…

Gong Xu sent an emoji covering its face with a handkerchief and acting shy then he replied: [Gong Xu: Ye-ge, why do you want to chop someone up, eh eh eh!]

[Ye Bai: Hurry and delete them all! What nonsense are you talking about! Didn’t the Si family already confirmed that Si Ye Han’s fine?]

[Gong Xu: Oh, Ye-ge. you’ve also been paying attention to this, huh! I’m not talking nonsense eh, there’s quite a hubbub about this and everyone in the upper-class knows about it. If it wasn’t for what happened to Si Ye Han causing an upheaval in the Si family, this kind of news would never have spread. In summary, according to my opinion, Si Ye Han is definitely dead; the Si family is worried it’ll lead to chaos, so they quickly eradicated all the related news then lied to the world that he’s still alive…]

Gong Xu analyzed it clearly and logically and was very confident about his own conclusion.

Ye Wanwan looked at the word “dead” and really wanted to punch someone in the face. She gritted her teeth and replied with one sentence.

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