Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 892 - So this is what uncle thinks

Chapter 892: So this is what uncle thinks

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Nameless Nie: “Have you met a child so unappealing? He is simply a little devil who made his way to earth!”

The little devil said softly, “Devil…?”

Nameless Nie didn’t realize who spoke and nodded his head. “Exactly, he’s a little devil! Do you know the abyss of suffering I’ve gone through in the Nie family all these years?! Little Sweetie, let me tell you – there’s no use even if we found his parents. He’s so savage that his parents wouldn’t acknowledge him for sure!”

Upon hearing this, the brick-moving foreigner covered his face and held his forehead. He had completely given up on rescuing his captain.

The little devil’s jet-black eyes narrowed and he spoke slowly, emphasizing every word: “Is that so? So this is what uncle thinks, huh?”

Once that child-like voice rang out, Nameless Nie was completely stunned as he hovered on top of the tree. He finally realized that the voice of the person who spoke just now didn’t seem right and his stiffened neck creaked as he looked down from the tree…

In the next second, he saw his little ancestor who was supposed to be more than 1,000 miles away, the little devil whose parents wouldn’t acknowledge him. It was truly his real ancestor appearing right before him…


A miserable shout reverberated at the top of the hill.

“Bang!” Nameless Nie fell to the ground from the tree and landed harshly on a bed of leaves.

Nameless Nie gritted his teeth and looked at the brick-moving foreigner. “Little Sweetie! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Little Sweetie looked very innocent. “I did, but you didn’t care…”

Nameless Nie pounded the ground with anger and looked at that icy little face. “You… how did you find me? Your stalking skills reached this level?! Damn, damn, damn! Are you even human?!”

The little devil looked condescendingly at Nameless Nie, who was on the ground. “Do I need stalking skills to find you?”

Nameless Nie was enraged. “Hey hey hey, don’t look down on me, eh! Let me tell you this – up til now, there’s no one who can break my record in hiding! As long as I don’t want anyone to find me, nobody would be able to!”

Nameless Nie spoke with great confidence.

Little devil: “Someone told me where you were, so I don’t need to try to break your record.”

Nameless Nie was dumbfounded. “What? Someone told you? Could it be… no, that’s impossible! Each of our team members is very honest and reliable; they would never be swayed by money and definitely wouldn’t give in to evil forces!”

The moment Nameless Nie said that, a phone rang.

Little devil answered the call with an expressionless face. “Hello? What’s the matter?”

The man’s extremely bewitching voice came through the receiver: “Hello, little young master. It’s me, the devotee. It’s nothing much; I just wanted to see if you’ve found captain? That place is quite secluded, so I better give you the details. After you reach the top of the hill, turn right then walk 500 meters then turn left. After that…”

The devotee wasn’t done speaking when someone else snatched the phone away from him. “Aiyo, are you stupid? You darn godly rod, move aside! Little young master, little young master, this is Little Flower. I’ve already drawn captain’s position on a map and sent the image to your phone. Please take a look!”

Nameless Nie: “…”

Brick-moving foreigner: “…”

Nameless Nie went blank for a full ten seconds before he snatched the phone. “YOU TWO BASTARDS! How dare you betray me! Wait and see——”

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