Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 891 - Speak of the devil

Chapter 891: Speak of the devil

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Dragon Burial Hill in the suburbs of Beijing:

In the forest, on a tree covered with leaves and large branches…

Nameless Nie was suspended in midair on one of the branches with his legs crossed. He chewed on a blade of grass and was pulling the leaves overhead languidly.

Under the gigantic tree, a mixed-blood guy with a big build was filled with worries as he held his head and looked at the man on the tree. “Captain, how long do we have to hide here for?”

Nameless Nie replied lazily, “We’ll take it one day at a time~”

Brick-moving foreigner: “But hiding isn’t the solution…”

Nameless Nie sighed. “Ay, Little Sweetie, you think I like hiding in such a deserted and old place filled with unwanted tombs? Pretending that I have no signal would be too easy for that Little devil to uncover so I could only run to a place where there really isn’t any signal!”

Brick-moving foreigner: “…” That isn’t the point, alright?

“Captain, didn’t you say you’d ask boss Ye for help?”

Nameless Nie glanced at him helplessly. “Do you really think that ancestor of mine can be fooled so easily like a three or five-year-old kid?”

Brick-moving foreigner: “…”  Isn’t that true?

Nameless Nie continued, “Anyway, this plan isn’t quite reliable and it’s our last resort. Otherwise, if he finds out I haven’t found his real mom, he’ll kill me for sure. I’ll just drag this out as long as I possibly can and see if I can find his real mom. Even if I can’t his real mom, his real dad would be fine too…”

The brick-moving foreigner shook his head. “But we’ve been searching for almost four years…”

Nameless Nie tossed away the grass in his mouth and sighed. “Why am I cursed?! Why do I have to have such a nephew! Look at that guy’s nephew from the Mu family – he’s so adorable and moe. How could that dumb guy have such a cute nephew when I don’t! And there’s also president Ji’s grandson – aiyo, he’s such a sweet talker! But what about me – I only have this little devil! Little Sweetie, am I right?”

The brick-moving foreigner was stirred up and nodded with agreement. He thought his captain made sense and was about to chime in but the moment he looked up, he paused and his eyes widened in shock…

A phrase immediately appeared in his head: Speak of the devil!

The little devil suddenly appeared behind the tree not far away and there were two bodyguards by his side. His icy gaze paused on him for a second then it slowly turned to Nameless Nie, who was on the tree.

The brick-moving foreigner was simply scared out of his wits. He quickly said, “No… no no no! Captain, I think your nephew is really cute and obedient. He’s very well-behaved and cute – anyone who sees him will like him. I’ve never seen any other kid as mesmerizing and likable as your nephew…”

At that moment, he had to pull out all the Chinese words he knew that could be used to praise a child.

Sitting on the tree branch, Nameless Nie felt a sudden chill down his spine, but he didn’t think much of it. He looked at his team member with shock. “Damn! Little Sweetie, have you been in the burial hill for too long that a ghost possessed you? How could you say such things that go against your conscience?”

The brick-moving foreigner was extremely anxious. He hurriedly waved his hand towards Nameless Nie, hinting at him to stop talking completely.

However, Nameless Nie didn’t pick up the distressed cue from his own team member and continued cursing…

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