Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 890 - It's too dangerous!

Chapter 890: It’s too dangerous!

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Spray of Flowers and the devotee, who seemed like they were on the verge of dying from starvation, immediately got up. Even the Iceberg man, who was playing dead, was awoken by the money.

“Damn! Thank you, boss! Thank you, boss! Boss, you’re a great person! This amount of money is enough to bury my husband ten times!”

“Boss, would you like to have your fortune read or check your feng shui? I can go to your doorstep! I guarantee my services will leave you satisfied!”

The people who gave them the money were two men dressed in black.

One of them said, “You don’t have to thank us. It wasn’t us who gave the money.”

“Uh, it wasn’t you guys? Then this money is…?” Spray of Flowers and the devotee were confused.

The two men in black moved aside at the same time and left a space in the middle.

In the next second, a little figure suddenly emerged behind the men in black.

When they saw that porcelain and perfect little expressionless face, Spray of Flowers and the devotee froze and became like rocks.


Damn! How is this a local tyrant? This is the little King of Hell paying us a visit!

Spray of Flowers hurriedly hid behind the iceberg man’s coffin, the devotee hugged his head and shrunk while the iceberg man fell backward without hesitation and shut his eyes.

This little boy, who was about four to five years old, had an exquisitely beautiful little face, but the expression on his face was akin to a robot – he looked icy and rigid with only a tinge of luster in his pitch-black eyes.

The little boy’s gaze swept across the three men and he said, “It’s been long since we last met.”

The moment he opened his mouth, Spray of Flowers and a certain godly rod instantly trembled.

We don’t want to see him! At all! We don’t want to see this little devil, ah!

Spray of Flowers: “Hahaha… yes… yes… it’s been long! We haven’t seen you for such a long time indeed! Little young master, why are you here in China all of a sudden?”

Devotee: “China is pretty fun. Do you want us to be your tour guides?”

The little boy ignored the two of them trying to change the subject and got straight to the point: “Where is my uncle?”

Dead meat, we can’t trick him…

It was almost impossible to trick him anyway!

The devotee coughed. “This… we aren’t too sure either…”

Spray of Flowers chimed in, “Captain often appears in one moment and disappears in the next – we really don’t know where he is. Little young master can return first – we’ll contact you once we find captain! It’s too dangerous for you to be here by yourself!”

The little boy glanced at the two of them. “Dangerous?”

Spray of Flowers and the devotee were tearful and hugged one another.Dangerous my as*!

Even if it’s dangerous, we’re the ones in the most danger!

Devotee: “Little young master, don’t ask anymore. We won’t betray our captain!”

Spray of Flowers: “That’s right! We will never betray our captain!”

Little boy: “I’ll give you guys three seconds to consider.”

What… three… three seconds???

“Captain is at Dragon Burial Hill in the suburbs!!!” The devotee and Spray of Flowers responded in unison.

The little boy turned around and walked away. “Let’s go.”

The two men in black quickly followed him. “Yes.”

Behind them, Spray of Flowers and the devotee heaved a sigh of relief.

Aiya, m*ther, this scared the h*ll out of us…

Captain, sorry about this…

We tried our best and struggled for three seconds before we betrayed him…

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