Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 889 - Fulfill your request

Chapter 889: Fulfill your request

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Si Ye Han glanced at the embarrassed girl next to him and said expressionlessly, “Grandma, I don’t plan on having any kids. Furthermore. Dr. Sun already said it’s impossible with my current condition. In the future, we can adopt from the clan.”

Si Ye Han spoke assertively and didn’t leave any room for negotiation.

Nobody knew better than himself that Ye Wanwan didn’t like children and didn’t want to have any.

The old madam frowned. “This child! Picking a successor is our last resort. Don’t you ever want children of your own? What about Wanwan? Have you considered what Wanwan wants?”

Ye Wanwan buried her head and didn’t cut in.

Actually, she was fine with either…

Si Ye Han said, “Wanwan likes children and wants to have our own. I let her down in this aspect and will try my best to make up for it.”

Ye Wanwan was completely stunned…


Since when did I say that?

I even mentioned that I hate kids, right?

So… Si Ye Han’s saying this deliberately…

He said it was impossible with his condition and said I really wanted kids on purpose…

Allowing old madam to think that the Si family let me down…

The truth is that Dr. Sun mentioned Si Ye Han’s body is recovering smoothly and he’ll be no different from a normal person.

With that thought, Ye Wanwan suddenly had an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

On the way back.

There was silence in the backseat of the car. None of them spoke a word.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and stared at Si Ye Han with a mixed expression.

Actually, she was quite perplexed as well. She wasn’t sure why, but she subconsciously felt that she didn’t really like children. On one hand, she found them troublesome and not adorable, and on the other hand, she also enjoyed her freedom and carefree life.

Her ideal life with her other half in the future should be exciting and she wanted to travel the world. Bringing a kid around would totally spoil the fun, right?

Having children was simply too much responsibility for her.

However, now that she thought about it, if she gave birth to Si Ye Han’s child…

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was staring at him thoughtfully, Si Ye Han turned to her and shot her a suspicious look. “What do you want to say?”

Ye Wanwan’s little hand played with his collar gently. “Darling, do you like kids?”

Si Ye Han: “No.”

That’s really direct…

If their future baby found out this was his attitude before conceiving, the baby would so heartbroken…

If we even have a baby in the future…

Ye Wanwan tried probing once more. “What if I really like kids now and really want one, huh!”

Si Ye Han: “You do?”

Ye Wanwan: “I meant ‘if’! IF!”

Si Ye Han thought about it and after some time, he said reluctantly, “I can fulfill your request.”

Xu Yi stole a glance at the backseat while driving. “…”

Master, you look really reluctant – you’re really not mindful of your facial expression at all, huh…

At night in Imperial City, the place was ablaze with lights. Traffic was heavy and cars were moving to and fro.

At a crowded overhead bridge:

A man was dressed in an Asian outfit as he sat on the ground and scratched his feet without a care for his image.

There were two people next to this man who was dressed like a Taoist priest – one laid on the ground like a dead man while the other was wearing a wild outfit and was flipping through a shabby fashion magazine with great interest. He shouted occasionally when a few people walked by.

The three of them didn’t make a single sale the entire night and the bowl in front of them was empty.

“Ay, captain, we can’t keep on hiding, right…” Spray of Flowers sighed.

The devotee said helplessly, “I thought captain already had an agreement with boss Ye to get her to help?”

Spray of Flowers turned to him like he was looking at a fool. “That’s the last resort, okay? Little Devil is so smart – as if he would be deceived by a random person…”

The two of them were chatting when a resounding “clang” rang out. They suddenly received an entire stack of $100 bills and it was in euros…

Aiyo! Damn!

Where did this local tyrant come from?

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